Thursday, July 31, 2008


green, originally uploaded by boxersiciliano.

and so it is...that we sail ahead in the seas, sometimes not really knowing where we are going or how long it will take to get there, but we follow through with the same routine that we know will keep us sane and safe and sound. The simplicity of waking in the morning and having coffee, the reliance on certain sounds and sights of the day, the simple touch of someone we love or hearing their voice. We sail on. And then when we finally get a chance to dock and set our feet on the solid land and take a moment to reflect on the dangers of our journey, we realize how many perils we have been surrounded by and how our angels have truly taken care of us, how brave we have been in the face of things that sometimes seem impossible...our time spent caring for our boat and our supplies, replenishing, cleaning, mending, remembering. All of this is our journey on the wide wide sea, we need to remember that we have safe harbors and give in to the simple act of rest.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

up for air

wow...i know it's been sometime since i wrote.  Life has a way of ebbing and flowing and i feel like i am just coming up for some air for the first time in a while.  The new job is great, but it has been a steep learning curve and I have been all over the place with schedules.  I find that when I am off a bit, i have a hard time sitting and creating and following through on the things I want to be doing, so today and last night, I felt the shift finally.  I spent 4 hours last night working on music that I wanted to write and then woke up this morning with the familiar pang to write...given my own internal tick tock, I am aware that the laser level in my mind is beginning to level out a bit, and I am thinking more creatively again.  I am currently working on my first photo show and in the process of choosing and framing 20 pictures of my life in Boulder during the past year.  I am then going to see if I can get them hung up in a local coffee shop around the corner..maybe sell some eh?  I will leave this entry short and know that the door is open again in the room that I like to spend time in...the light is on, there are books on the shelf and the sound of the clock is noticeable, but a cozy tick tock, not a loud in your face time ticking away....

Love and Understanding