Monday, January 14, 2013

The Plains

It's been cold lately....everywhere.  I just heard it was -30 in Steamboat this morning....dang.  It's been cold here in Santa Monica even. Last night it got down into the low 40's which for some of you that doesn't seem cold, but trust me, it feels cold.  The dampness from the ocean and the fact that most living spaces around here weren't built with the cold in mind make it seem colder than it is. I like it though. It feels like a season at least.  I recall in the late 80's it snowed a little in the hills above Malibu but I don't remember if the cold lasted as long as it has during this current cold snap. In any case, it reminds us all that we really have to do our best to wake up each day and mold our lives around the present conditions. Live in the moment if you will.  I find myself sometimes wondering what the temp will be in a few days, but why does that matter really? My point, I suppose, is to try and maintain our sense of now...the present, and what we must do in the moment to make sense of things. I am thankful I have a rood over my head and a heater that works and warm clothes and food.  That is my now for today.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Urban Santa

I want back to my roots a bit when visiting Boulder....I found another Urban Cowboy except lo and behold, it was Santa...see? I knew Santa was real.  Funny how over time as a photographer, we go through phases of what we see and what we are drawn too.  It's been some time since I paid attention to hydrants, but there he was...There is so much to see all around all the time and as a photographer it is fun to let loose and just find the moments and objects that are in front of us.  I still get so much pure joy from simply taking photos that I know it is part of my ultimate happiness....

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Path

Sometimes the path isn't as clear as we think it is or would like...but its there. And often times there is a place to sit and contemplate for a find the bench or cozy chair, or log, or rock and sit for a while...I know I'm going to.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Follow the Light

Sometimes coming out of the tunnel can be a shock to the senses. It's bright and not clear sometimes which way the road turns, so there is some inherent trust in the fact that the road will be there and the light will guide you.  Sort of like the daily in and out of our own thoughts.  Yesterday I was in a tunnel for a I am seeing the light at the end.  When I come out the road will bend and twist and the light will guide me.

Monday, January 7, 2013

The Run Angel

For those of you following my blog and recent journey into running...I have a short update to share with you.  Over the holidays I drove back to Boulder, Co to visit family.  There I continued my training in the cold and at altitude and it was going great until I got a bad case of the Flu....It's how I ended the 2012 and brought in 2013. At first I was really bummed and then I thought, well, at least I'm going into the new year clean and detoxed...although I wouldn't mind a more comfortable way. Anyway, after 4 days of total delirium, and not the good kind, we drove home.  It has been 10 days since I have been able to run due to cough and crap and just not feeling well. I was getting a little discouraged until yesterday.  When down, I usually do one of a few things to take my mind off it, and that can include, writing, napping, reading, moping, exercising, or riding my motorcycle to name a few. Since I am still sick, I decided a good moto ride would clear my head.  I road out into the cold and possible rain as it has been stormy here in So Cal, but I don't mind a matter of fact, I kind of dig it on the moto.  I road to my old haunt up in the hills for some cozy breakfast and from there continued home over the mountains.  And then it happened....right there out of the blue in the middle of the Santa Monica Range, I saw him again....Tai....the little old Japanese man who inspired me to train for and run the LA Marathon.  He was standing there looking strong and healthy in a red Northface jacket and hi tech walking stick and smiling.  He had no idea who I was as I pulled up in all my gear looking like a stormtrooper, but when I walked up to him and said, "Tai! It's me, the guy you met a while back and talked to about the marathon..." He instantly remembered...He smiled and laughed and said, "Oh yes, your wife is a runner too."  I was so excited to share with him that he had indeed inspired me to run the marathon and how thankful I was.  He was so happy and excited and as before kept saying..."when you cross that line it will change your life forever." Needless to say, the timing of seeing my running angel was perfect. I had been feeling discouraged and a little down as my anxiety from not being able to run and train had crept in, but now I remembered, that this journey is long and there are ups and downs and it's merely a matter of persevering....of continuing to strive.  It was confirmation for me that I was again on the right path of commitment and seeing Tai made me happy and reminded me that I can do it...that this was the journey for me.  Out of all the space in LA, to run into him again in the middle of nowhere at that moment was an intervention of grace....I can't wait to see him again and share my training and thank him again. The power of a stranger to change our lives is not a myth....Today I will be running again for the first time, albeit slow, but again with my mind on Tai, in his red jacket and his smile, cheering me on....