Monday, August 31, 2009

Big Night and all things food

olives, originally uploaded by Justin Davis Davanzo.

So last night Nita and I saw Julie and Julia, which I was excited to see after reading Julia Childs book "My Life in France", which chronicles the beginning of her cooking career and her personal life with Paul Childs while they lived in Europe, and her journey to creating the now famous cookbook, and it was as inspiring as I thought. First, the portrayal of Julia Childs by Meryl Streep is incredible. She embodies the spirit and mannerisms perfectly. After reading the book, you really get a sense of her constant positive outlook on life and this for sure comes across in the movie, but more importantly, the cross over between Julia and the modern story that is going on with Julie is equally inspiring in its own way. For those who don't know the whole story, basically Julie sets out to write a blog about cooking all of Julia Childs recipes, all 525 of them, in 365 days. During the story we see the trying times of this challenge and how difficult something like this could be, but more importantly, we see two great examples of people who took charge of their life, but following through and not letting things stand in the way...this is the main part that I am inspired by....Julia Child sat with Paul when she was age 37 and asked herself, "What should I do?" I relate to this as I am not only the same age, but I have that same discussion with myself on a daily basis...except mine often involves some sort of cuss word...

Now, not that the decision is easy, but once it is made, that is the follow through, no matter the challenges or how many are against it...the modern day story of Julie, who funny enough, has a government job ( sound familiar?) is great to watch as she seemingly comes up with this crazy idea but as she follows her journey and realizes her true dreams come from the challenge she finally understands what her life is meant to be.

Of course, all of this has a Hollywood spin, but the reality for both is still true, and if you read the book, you will for sure see how Julia Childs beat all the odds and constantly persevered in her pursuit of doing what she loved....

I also loved watching Stanley Tucci, the adoring and supportive other half...who was always there for Julia even though for him at times, his life felt a bit dreary...he also had a government job, but of course watching him reminded me of another one of my most favorite movies...Big Night...all of this is based around the love of food and wine and after we saw the movie last night, I was not only inspired to follow through, but I was damn we went and had a great dinner at the local pub...The Hungry Toad...I had London Broil and a great glass of wine and we talked of all things present and future...

These are the kind of stories i love to read about and know they are brings me back to what is important and gets the blood flowing and shows us that it is never too late to do what we want, or to at least try...I think it also reminds us that we CANNOT do it alone...we all need our support matter who or what, but we need that too. And to remember, much like I wrote about in my book...(plug plug) about Vincent Van again we see the years it takes to make it...Julia Childs spent 8 years writing this book and more cooking before she became Julia Childs as we know her...And the modern day Julie, probably spent the majority of her younger years trying to figure out how to be a writer...i don't know as much about her, but it does mention that she wrote a novel in the movie and has been trying for some time...point remember that it does not just happen and all the little things add up...So for me, this Monday...which is partly cloudy and so so...i need to remember this...

Today I am going to take down my second photography show in a few hours and at first I was a little bummed, but now I am excited to start another show and to make some things happen....this is not an overnight effort...this is a journey into the wilderness....

so remember to pack all the essentials and bring your favorite person or thing with you so when you break down, they can help you laugh and see that all things will work out just fine.

Go see this least it will make you hungry if not totally inspired...

Love and Understanding.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

On a wing and a...

Airshow2, originally uploaded by Justin Davis Davanzo.

some mornings I just don't know where to start....or how...well, mostly i know how...a good cup of coffee...but where...that is still sometimes the hard part. So i usually sit and sip and avoid and then find myself starting here, which feels pretty good in the end. At least when I start here i can acknowledge that I don't know where to start and that makes me feel a little better most of the time. I can't believe summer is virtually done and that September is right around the corner....I mean what the Efff? I started noticing little things like a few leaves not looking so green and once and a while the smell of fall is in the's the time of year to reflect a bit and to also wonder what is in store for winter...

who the heck knows? yes, i have plans, but who knows how they will pan out...(sip of coffee...pause...another sip)

I am on a creative marketing campaign as of late and that has been my daily push...sending a photo or two to contests, sending a portfolio to a local venue in Boulder, researching grants, looking for photo opportunities, staring at photos on my desk and not knowing what to do with them, designing more publicity packs to pass around, staring blankly...all part of the deal i suppose. i often reflect on the strange path that life takes us on and how sometimes in doing things there is just no way to tell if it is the right thing, or where it will lead, so you just go that way and see, but that is not is actually quite disconcerting at times because if you let your mind go it will (coffee) tell you and remind you that this is not logical...that you should worry about the real things in life like a job and bills and responsible items...
ok, fine, so it is...yes...but then I remember that as the path winds and goes up and goes down, there are some days that it just makes sense and some days it doesn't.

I had a bike ride on Saturday and I swear i wanted to quit riding my bike, but i couldn't and didn't...and then on Sunday i rode and I rode better and stronger than I had in a while...and i forgot about quitting...i was only remembering how good it felt to be strong and to have the wind in my hair and to hear the sound of my breathing. And as usual i had a moment of hilarious reflection regarding my dramatic day before and i smiled all the way down the there...

maybe another book title..."Smiling Down the Mountain"
i'm full of them these days.

Love and Understanding

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Yellow Wings

Yellow Wings, originally uploaded by Justin Davis Davanzo.

Artist: Will work for quality of life.

I feel like that would be a good sign to have on the side of the road...don't you wish we could choose between money and quality of life? I mean, for me, a no brainer....of course the quality of life would have to have an endless supply of special artist grants that allow us to have quality of life, but the grants come from places that have far too much money anyway and those who chose quality of life are better off using the money doing their passion and enjoying life...imagine how many people you know who are tied into a job they don't like that actually have a passion, but are too afraid to follow it 100% because they need the money...I think the world would for sure be a better place. People would be happier, they'd be having more fun, more relaxed, more love in general, and there would be a lot less health that is the solution for health care i think...give the money to artists first so they can have more fun and feel better about things and then from there, they can spread their joy to sick people who will be better and smile more and laugh, and then the world will last longer because people will drive less since they'll be busy creating, and then the global warming issue will be fixed, and then there will be nicer weather which makes people happier, and less natural disasters, which will ultimately save money that will go to the artists, and then cities will be built as art not as function, and poor people won't feel so poor, and rich people will not feel so threatened, and we can feel safe on airplanes again and won't have to pay for a blanket, and our kids will get to go to art schools and not take the SAT to prove they are smart, but they'll get to do whatever they, paint, write, etc, and our dogs will not be so dysfunctional due to their dysfunctional owners who make them crazy, and cats...well they'll stay the same, and theater will take the place of movie theaters and 6 week vacations will be mandatory.

Love and Understanding

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Airshow3, originally uploaded by Justin Davis Davanzo.

i don't really have that bad? not sure. sometimes the only thing to do is let the universe send signals and then follow them..let it guide you and trust that it is doing the right thing. I had my first board meeting with the Boulder County Arts Alliance...yes I am a board member. It was pretty amazing to think that this time last year I was simply taking pictures and now I am sitting on the board for Boulder County helping make things happen. It was a cool realization and exactly what I was talking about. I didn't plan this and never would have expected it, but it was the universe coming along and giving me this opportunity...all i had to do was say yes. That may be the best thing to remember is the part about saying yes or no. I think by saying no, sometimes we are saying yes...this action will often open up the time and possibility to say yes to the right thing. I often think about that as I begin each day, i am trying to be as selective as I can about the yes and no...I try to say yes more, but i also need to make sure I say no when it is important to.

So I heard about an airshow this last weekend and as I have been trying to be more pro active about taking photos, I said yes and had a great time wandering and taking pictures of things on purpose. Lots of times I wander with my camera, i shoot at will at nothing in particular, which I love to do and get great shots that way, but it is always a challenge to use that same idea when shooting specific planes...How do i bring my vision to a plane...well, thankfully they had a lot of color and the details of metal and shape and form were I realized again, that, although i may have one of the smallest cameras out there, (this is a running joke with I walk around and see these guys with huge lenses etc, i always have a small moment of envy) I still see things the way that only I can see them...and that is the key...

Today is a bit cloudy and cozy and I feel a bit on the quiet side, but i am excited to find another contest or something today that I can send some photos off too...

Here is to saying yes, and no, to the universe...and following through even when it seem ridiculous or difficult.

Love and Understanding

Friday, August 21, 2009


FEAR.jpg, originally uploaded by Justin Davis Davanzo.

into battle i go...of course this is not to in any way pretend i am a Marine or that I have done that, but this picture has always reminded me that my life is blessed by what they do and the fact that this was make believe for me is a done, this picture is my best effort of a self portrait for the day..the kind that i see myself doing big scary and brave things...dressed for battle and ready to is Friday and I am feeling VERY invigorated today for a few reasons, but that has not been a feeling i have had in a bit...the kind that helps you charge headlong into the void and helps you fight and push and pull...i am sure that today is a historical moment for a matter of fact i believe that ever day as we pass through this life...they are all a historical moment to be lived and experienced no matter how hard or fun or boring..they are all part of this today i am going to eat my pasta, put on my pants one leg at a time just like the president does, or the richest and poorest man in the world and I will go outside and stand tall and walk light and look it all in the eyes....

love and understanding

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Viva la Resistance

Framed, originally uploaded by Justin Davis Davanzo. this case, beat the my mom so graciously reminded me yesterday as i submitted a photo to a contest with much deliberation and feelings of lameness, my mom reminded me that by doing so i had beaten the resistance for the day. My wife also has been pushing me hard on this and as i finally sat down to try and choose a picture to send off into the universe, it took me a while to actually feel good about it. It can be frustrating to feel like a no talent lamo at times, but in reality, what does any of this mean? The act of doing and sharing and pursuing is the only thing that matters and so by sending this photo off, i won the resistance battle yesterday...finally...i had been dug in pretty deep and made battle plans and sent out spies, but when it finally came time, it was me i had to run across the open expanse and charge headlong into the enemy trench with my photo...the one personal thing that i hold dear...the thing that i can hide behind in my studio...but it happened...i did it...and it felt good.

so good in fact that this morning I am searching for some more contests to send my pictures is the fear of not knowing or feeling inadequate that holds us back until we try and then it opens the gates and we fly.

excuse me now, i have some photos to send off...

Love and Understanding

Monday, August 17, 2009

a book

doppo, originally uploaded by Justin Davis Davanzo.

I just started reading a book that Nita got for me called "A Soldier of the Great War", by Mark Helprin...I am only 72 pages in as of yesterday but i already love this book. It takes place in Italy and so far there are two characters. An old man and a young man...i am not 100% sure where the book is headed yet, but i love what has been said already and can't wait to read more. It has been a little while since i had a big book that i was excited to read so this is good. Reading this book reminds me how fun it is to get lost in a world of words and to have it also effect the way you think and feel during the day. Yesterday we had an amazing thunder storm and I got to sit on the porch and read and listen to the was perfect.

A good way to finish the weekend I suppose. What's that you say? its Monday??? oh boy...well, ok, here we go...Funny to look back on last monday which seems like ages ago, and think that I felt so differently, but that is the amazing part of life, how we can go through the huge range of thoughts and emotions in only a few days. We can process so much if we let it be processed. And so, on this monday, I got up a bit earlier than usual, it is a beautiful day, the sun is golden and the coffee is grand and on this day i will be a bit lighter.

Love and Understanding.

Friday, August 14, 2009


point, originally uploaded by Justin Davis Davanzo.

well, i don't really have much to say today...the coffee is good, i get to wear jeans to work, and it is cloudy. I don't really feel here or there or good or bad, i am just in a neutral field of the waking hours, which is somewhat boring, but also a nice change...kind of like having a quite moment of the mind. Kind of like playing a good game of scrabble on a rainy day in a coffee shop. I'll just leave it at that for today and wish everyone a happy friday and amazing weekend...

Love and Understanding.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


woof 2, originally uploaded by Justin Davis Davanzo.

A friend of mine told me earlier in the week that the reason she was down (which was very obvious to me) was that her dog of 14 years had to be put down a few weeks back. As she was telling me, she began to cry and for me, having been through it with Marco, my own dog, and with another dear friends dog, it was very easy to understand and feel the sadness as well. The loss of a friend, but not just any is so different with a dog...the energy they have, the quirks, the trouble they get into, the routine every morning, the excuse to take a walk, the need to leave a party early so you can get home and let them out...the responsibility, but most of all the unconditional love. No questions, no judgement, just can see it in their eyes.

She asked, "what do i do now? What do I do with his ashes?"...
i shared what i did and do...I have had Marco's ashes with me ever since with his old collar and tags and picture out in the open in my studio or wherever he needs to be that means the most. That is my choice of course, but for me, i believe in his spirit and energy and get comfort from his essence still. But that can take a took me a good 10 years to be more at peace with it.

Someday I will get another dog for sure....I was glad that she could open up and grieve, because that is the important thing to do when you lose your best friend...I think far too many people brush it off because it is "just a dog" or a pet....but it goes much deeper. So today, as i sit and write, i am reminded of the very moment and for once it makes me peaceful knowing that i am not the only one and that i feel loved still.

If you have a pet, love them up today....

Love and Understanding.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Super Hero

DSC_0356, originally uploaded by Justin Davis Davanzo.

Well, i think this picture may say it all...and here is a question...why can't we, as adults, go around wearing our favorite cape and superhero outfit? I mean, sure, people would stare, but who cares? So what? My mom pointed out to me last night that as Warriors of the Light, we are all a bit like Clark Kent, living a "normal" life that most can see and understand, but they really can't comprehend our superhero powers and don't know that we are often wearing our cape ready to fly at any moment. Sound crazy? Check out this is for actual superheroes.

Ok, so maybe i can't fly or stop a bullet, or shoot a web out of my wrist, but i can do other, write a powerful sentence that could save someones life or day, or smile on the street and maybe help someone decide that life isn't that bad, or say hello to a stranger, or open the door for a mother and her 4 kids and not worry that she is on the cell phone and doesn't say thanks, or maybe I can just try and acknowledge each person during the day that I come in contact with...

I would like to wear a would be velvety and dark green and i would have a mask somewhere between a Lucador, and Batman, and tall boots, the kind that Mad Max wears...and I wouldn't talk like Batman, I would talk like the guy from the Matrix and say things like, Hello Mr Anderson..and I would have bulging muscles and shiny white teeth and my mode of transport would be a an old classic motorcylcle, which in secret, was a rocketship....and I would only sleep 2 hours a night.....

but i digress.

I think this picture reminds all of us that superheroes are what we look up to and want to be at some point in our life..the next time someone asks me what I want to be when I grow up, I will say....

I want to be a superhero.

Love and Understanding.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The wild ride

SM Pier, originally uploaded by Justin Davis Davanzo.

something about this picture is perfect for today...the ferris wheel beckoning beyond the dark palms blowing in the wind...a reminder to come and play. Of course, off to the left you can just make out a roller, some may consider the ferris wheel a "wild ride" but I am not so sure. It does get pretty high though and if for some reason it stops and you are on the top, it can be pretty interesting, swinging in the seat high up with nothing least on a roller coaster you are on a track in a car with a bar slung low over your lap to hold you in....the ferris wheel is just a place to sit and ponder i suppose...which for me in this life, is sometimes the wild ride in itself. The moment we stop at the top and ponder what is below and all around us for 360 degrees...the fear of possibly falling out but knowing that is pretty tough to do, the fear that we may be stuck, the fear that a small bolt may come loose and cause a catastrophic chain reaction and the wheel could come off it's hinge and roll down the pier with you in it into the ocean and float away to China...whew...that is a good one.

But then I look at this picture and it comforts me...sort of the basic reminder that we can always play if we put our minds to it. Here is a ferris wheel in the middle of all the craziness ready for us to sit in and ride and take note. I think my mom and here sister were on this just recently and they loved brings us back to the simplicity of what is real and gives us a different perspective in our life. I think that may be what part of the battle is in our minds on a daily basis...How do we create a new perspective to see things from each day? If we are constantly seeing the same thing and doing the same thing, i think it gets a tad boring, but if we can just slightly change the perspective and see things a little to the right or left or from above, it gives a whole new meaning.

Since yesterday, I have woken up with a slightly (albeit minute) perspective, that gives me a tiny bit of energy that I didn't have before. What comes out of this perspective is up to me and how I take it in. This whole process is not unlike taking a photo. I can stand and shoot and see the same object hundreds of different ways and as I shoot i cannot censor myself because I never really know what the best one will I just try and shoot and then see what comes out later. The best thing is that the one that usually surprises me, is the one I probably would have erased had I let myself, thinking i had the wisdom to know it was not the "right" perspective....

Same with each day I suppose...that is the hard part is letting all the perspective seep in and take hold and not try and worry too much about what is ok or right...because the next day will be presented and often we will be surprised by the new thoughts, ideas, goals, or blessings that come our way.

that is the lesson today...not to censor our many perspectives on life, but to take them in and believe that the right one for now will present itself when we are ready to see it....

Love and Understanding.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Ford 2, originally uploaded by Justin Davis Davanzo.

So today is Monday and truthfully I am way down in the dumps…you know..having one of those bottom of the barrel who am I what will I ever do with my life days? It feels really silly sometimes you know, since I then have the immediate feeling that I am being ridiculous to complain or worry as my life is pretty damn special. I think I have to re read my own book…but the times when we go into the forest is always the same…we think that we may not come out. We think that this is our destiny and cannot for the life of us see any redeeming values on the things we do, say, think…I am lucky to have those around me who remind me that I am ok and normal and they love me no matter what, but still…it is our own being that must wrestle with the demons of the day to ultimately walk away feeling recharged or empowered in our life and who we are and what we are doing. I see everyone going through this at one time or another and when they do I can relate totally and I have a ton of empathy and wise words etc, bla bla fuck shit. Yes I cussed.
But when it comes to me I forget all my own lessons sometimes and that can make it seem even more ridiculous…like “who am I to write and share?” but then I remember that this is part of the process. Being able to go to the place of uncomfortable darkness and cramps and salty wind. Salty wind? Yep…salty wind. So fine, I am here and I hate it and I feel like a big huge fat loser with no plan, no purpose and not now what? Now what…what do I do…nothing. Nothing. All I can do is recognize the place, the familiar dark hallway, the familiar feeling of being lost with no direction and the familiar taste of the brutal winds blowing the salt and sand into my eyes…all I can do is ride the bull and hang on and hope that I don’t get a horn in my ass. I don’t buy into the idea of trying to talk ourselves into feeling better because we have food on the table and our health…bullshit…we all have our journey and on that journey there are varying degrees of despair, disappointment and self loathing and it cannot be taken from us because it is ours…it doesn’t mean we aren’t better off than some or worse off, it is just the way it is right now in our journey. And so I sit today at work and mope and disregard the niceties that I usually engage in because today I don’t want to be nice or caring or happy…I just don’t so I don’t have to be and people can just deal with it and that’s that.

Yet, as I sit and stew I am shockingly reminded of the importance of my small being on this planet..i only say small in regards to the universe. Those around me who see me in a light that I don’t see or hear or think about..simply by showing up and writing or being, I and all of us have an equal effect on each other in ways we can’t imagine…and this is what life is for…the cause and effect of showing up for one another in secret.

So today, I am lucky because there are those who have shown up for me in ways that mean more to me than they can imagine and for that I am full and rich and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel…I will not cut my ear off for at least another day…(read my book if this worries you…) I will stand stalwart and brave and face the salt and sand and wind and dig my heels in and cuss and swear if need be. Fuckshitdamn.

Sometimes that is all we can do….we are larger than we know and more powerful than we believe.

Love and Understanding.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

the art of doing everything and nothing

Classic 1, originally uploaded by Justin Davis Davanzo.

I have felt lately that i have a blessed talent to be good at many things...I think due to my ability to learn things quickly, i tend to enjoy them faster. i am not saying by any means that I can do anything I want, but through life I have noticed that if I want to do something and I set my physical being to it, I can usually pick it up fairly quickly...its just the way I was wired...but with that comes a curse that I have found plagues me to this day...i think I will call this curse the "what the hell am I going to do with my life when i grow up?" curse....

I know it sounds like I am being a bit hard on myself, but the perspective of the cliche, "Jack of all trades, Master of none." could not be closer to the truth for me. It doesn't necessarily mean that I am not happy about it, or resentful, I love all that I have done and can do and wish i had more time to do them all...all the, it is just that at times, I wish I could narrow it down a bit more so that I could focus on one or two things...i sometimes envy those who have found that one passion that they are really entrenched in. Of course, they may be saying, man, i wish I could do those 10 things well....of course it is always the way...we are always wishing we had what we don't so how do we change that to a positive?

I am not really sure, but as I have lived a short life relatively, i have had the pleasure to stay open to things that I know nothing about and just do them....just take a chance and go for it and not worry about if you are good or bad or strong or weak....just doing them and trying them and finding that you really like it...

Of course there are a few things in life that i feel like I have gotten really good at....Acting, Cycling, Skiing, Photography...those are a few that come to mind...i think there are many others, but those are some of my top performing talents...meaning, I feel that I am strongest at those four.

so what is my point? my point is some days I feel like i am doing everything and doing nothing...meaning that I am not sure what good any of it is. I think i am judging myself and being hard on myself about it but that is just the way it is right now. I am trying to enjoy all the things I enjoy and not put too much pressure on becoming more focused, but i must say, there are those days where i get overwhelmed and can't do anything, because I can't even decide where to start....i guess that is just normal.

for now, I'll just keep doing i suppose...just getting up and doing and trusting and learning.

maybe doing nothing is stronger than everything once and a while.

Love and Understanding.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Ford 1, originally uploaded by Justin Davis Davanzo.

It seems that we are all in the same boat. No matter what the image is on the outside there is probably some similarity of frustration or feeling of despair, or wondering what is next. You just never know. It is such a trap to compare ourselves with the person next to us who appears to have it all figured out. One of my favorite things is to ride my beach cruiser and notice that drivers are either pissed off or super nice and the ones that are pissed I imagine are the jealous ones...they wish they were riding their beach cruiser, but for some reason their life has not allowed them too. So there they are in an expensive sports car not moving in traffic and I am smiling and moving and would be easy for me (and trust me i have) to turn this around and feel like a loser by thinking the opposite...look at that guy...he's driving a hot car and is loaded and...well, then I realize that is where it what?? where is the trade off? what is the measure in this society of happiness and success? I don't know...we all struggle with this. The person who has all the money isn't happy because life has become way to complicated and the money runs the world. The person who is constantly struggling to make ends meet and can't ever seem to get ahead...of course there are more extreme examples in either direction, but really, the average person is just trying to make things work and the society is leading this double edged persona..."Make a lot of money and have a great life" or "live life to the fullest and don't worry about the money"...well which is it???

I know it is more complicated than this, but the point is, we are in a constant struggle to make sense of our lives and our purpose and what this all means in society. It is the balance of living a life that is meaningful but also one that is based in reality of how society this I mean, how we deal with money vs living....As I have grown older, i worry less about money, but I can't say that I don't have my moments of frustration and wonder about can it be that my life is dictated in part by this paper shit? It amazes me and makes me angry and gives me reason to curse and scream...but in the end, that is not the important aspect of this life.

So the real challenge becomes, what is it that we love and want to do and be?? Well, that is a whole other conversation, but at least it is a bit of truth with ourselves and the world and i believe that if we live this way, all the other forces of society are controlled by our happiness, not by our fear.....

Love and Understanding.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Momentary loss of the mind

Single Fin, originally uploaded by Justin Davis Davanzo.

the melt down...the momentary loss of the mind...the freak out..the reality check...the break down...the "i am the biggest loser lamo terd in the world" happens to all of us. It happened to me last night for no particular reason on the couch after work. Luckily this time I have immediate wife. It is very different to have those around you when this crops up in life. Wether it is family or friends or even a pet...but to remember that in their eyes this is just a momentary loss of your mind...because they don't see you that way or think of things the way you are. They see a hero, a genius, an artist, a solid on the other hand in the midst of the self loathing drivel and worry can't see anything other than the conspiracy to bring down the peaceful warrior. It is in those moments that we grow stronger and realize that the warrior cannot be brought down and will not bend and will not break...those moments teach us to go to sleep and wake up and have another go and to no let the ridiculous rules and regulations bring us to a halt. It is during those times that we must call on our partners, family and friends to give us shelter and some cookies and milk...because thunder can be scary to a child, and life is full of thunder as an adult and we often lose our perspective and have irrational moments of fear and doubt. But that fear and doubt is small compared to the strength of the giant you have next to you in love.

The Love Giant. Now that is a character i can hang with. Not the Jolly Green Love, if you are like me, some of you are having a laugh at this, but really...think about it as a kid would...what would the Love Giant look like and how would he protect you. (and stop putting this into a pornographic sense...jeez)

Maybe that is what the world is missing...more Love Giants.

Love and Understanding.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

some days

Pin in Paradise, originally uploaded by Justin Davis Davanzo.

Some days are just that...another day it seems. Today is Tuesday and it is August already. The summer is simply flying by and I feel a bit tired this morning. I have been thinking of the saying..."life is what happens when you are busy making plans." It sure seems true but then there are times when I think, I need to make better what's the deal??

My whole life I have always had ideas of things I want to do or would like to do..some grand, some ordinary, but they usually find their way onto a list of some sort. Once on a list, I am pretty good at either doing them or staring at the list and never quite figuring out how to get them done, and meanwhile life is happening. I think I have gotten better at "doing", but it is for sure something I want to work more not find daily excuses or things that help me writing in my blog for example...there really isn't an excuse to not write as a daily practice and check in...but I find is simple really...allowing ourselves to be ok with the doing and the not doing. It balances out in the end as long as we make the not doing a part of rest and reflection and not a part that holds us back from doing.

Here are a few things that I want to do:
-ride my bike in France while the Tour de France is going on with my wife.
-build my website
-publish my book and write some more
-take more motorcycle trips with my dad
-travel to Sicily with my mom
-go to a baseball game with Nita and friends
-get up earlier (sometimes)
-win the lottery
-learn more about lenses for my camera and take more pictures
-learn to play the trumpet
-ride my motorcycle to South America
-cook more

ok..see? now I could go on and on...I think i'll stop there because some or most of those are the types of things that require a bit of...well, dare I say, planning? wait, maybe not, maybe just doing...

that is what it is. Life is about doing and planning as little as possible.
that is my quote.

Love and Understanding

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Opera

Classic 3, originally uploaded by Justin Davis Davanzo.

We tried to go to the opera yesterday in Central City Co., but it was sold out...too bad...but we did try. Central City was a total is an old mining town that apparently used to be the capital city of Colorado. The funny thing was that it made me feel like I was in a Swiss village or some village in Europe that has tiny streets and old buildings. Of course you would have to get rid of the casinos and the fat smoking americans that mean? no...i don't think so. just true. It was a cute spot and damn if i didn't have my camera with me. I need to go back and take pictures so I can share the sights. The day was beautiful yesterday. 91 degrees and perfectly sunny up in the mountains while driving on roads we had never been on. I love doing that...having an adventure in the car with music and no particular plan, which is what ended up happening on the way home...we didn't know what to do so we drove some more, and then took a nap in the middle of the day....

A nap in the middle of the day. Now that could be a book title...or a secret to success...I think taking a nap everyday is the reason kids are so damn full of love and energy and life. Somewhere along the way, we adults lost that privilege along with other things like, recess, sleep-overs, taco night, trips to the zoo, and make believe. So I say, lets bring back the adult versions of these things and just take naps, and schedule recess, and eat tacos on Tuesdays, and go to the zoo and play make believe and go to the opera. And even if they don't let you in, you can still go take a nap.

Today is Monday and the sun is shining and I have to finish my coffee before recess.

Love and Understanding