Wednesday, July 30, 2008

up for air

wow...i know it's been sometime since i wrote.  Life has a way of ebbing and flowing and i feel like i am just coming up for some air for the first time in a while.  The new job is great, but it has been a steep learning curve and I have been all over the place with schedules.  I find that when I am off a bit, i have a hard time sitting and creating and following through on the things I want to be doing, so today and last night, I felt the shift finally.  I spent 4 hours last night working on music that I wanted to write and then woke up this morning with the familiar pang to write...given my own internal tick tock, I am aware that the laser level in my mind is beginning to level out a bit, and I am thinking more creatively again.  I am currently working on my first photo show and in the process of choosing and framing 20 pictures of my life in Boulder during the past year.  I am then going to see if I can get them hung up in a local coffee shop around the corner..maybe sell some eh?  I will leave this entry short and know that the door is open again in the room that I like to spend time in...the light is on, there are books on the shelf and the sound of the clock is noticeable, but a cozy tick tock, not a loud in your face time ticking away....

Love and Understanding


Vintagedivva said...

Hey there! Long time no see or talk! I hope that you are doing fabulous! It sounds like you are moving right along with the photography and your new job! Right on!
You would be proud......I have 2 ventures dealing with my photography too! I can't thank you enough for suggesting I buy that little beauty!
PS----you missed the earthquake! Lucky you!

Swirly said...

Here's to cozy tick tocks...and following your creative energy whenever & wherever it wants to take you.