Tuesday, February 23, 2010

a new phase

so things are changing...not the seasons...no it is still winter and still very cold, but things are changing.  Why so vague? you ask...because they are morphing into things a bit unknown.  A machine has been set in motion to begin moving in a new direction and this process has everything to do with setting it down and watching it go.  I was listening to a radio talk show the other day and they were talking about a little space robot going to Venus.  It would take 4 months to get there and the life span of this robot would be only 3 hours and maybe a little more if they were lucky.  This robot is the work of many hands and 3 million dollars...and they just shoot it up into space and trust the process from there...can you imagine?  all this time and energy for 3 hours and who knows what will happen to it in those 3 hours?  So the robot lands and now what?   Talk about going with the flow.   Am I pretending to be a space robot being shot into orbit for 4 months?  kind of...will i last longer than 3 hours?  for sure.  Does anyone at Nasa know what to expect?  i don't know.  Do I?  nope....it is all in the work before the launch...the trust, the skill, the conditioning of the mind and body.  When I land, only then will things present themselves and it might become a little clearer at that moment, but it might be even harder...who the hell knows???

i suppose that is the way life goes and for that, i am excited...not without some apprehension of course, but mostly excitement.

the next 6 months will be a journey of hard work on myself and on the things i love.  I intend to develop self discipline to bring out the best in myself and others.

the boat sets sail on Friday.

Love and Understanding


Nita June said...

Set sail and soar my love!

Unknown said...

o justin, i am so happy for you and where you are going. you are now and i hope will continue to be an inspiration. how blessed i am that i know you and i can tell you that i love you and bella. i do unconditionally. you are so wonderful. stop me now. i am so thankful that GOD put you in my path. xo, rsturley

Vintagedivva said...

oh boy...this sounds exciting whatever it is!!! All the best!!