Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Family Tree

Yes..that is me...36 years ago.
This is my great grandfather...Nanu Balzano..he was a boxer...i like to box
That's my dad...he is a handsome man..sitting in the redwoods I think...

That's my dad...still handsome and Italian

That's my sister...she likes to eat...and she's italian and beautiful

ok...that's all for today...chase your dreams and visualize your place in the world...i know I need to.

Love and Understanding


kari said...

you are a beautiful man! rain outside again today. hair's a mess. feeling fat. but arlo is sleeping on my lap and i'm listening to seven swans by sufjan stevens and drinking the most lovely cup of coffee. life is about loving where you are in the world and not worrying about things that eventually will never matter. it's about love. -k

Lisa said...

Italians like to eat? I thought I was the only one.

Ms. Conley said...

You look just like your dad in that one photo of him..you have a splendid family and you are blessed.....that is the source of a great deal of love 'for some of us'...no need to tell you to embrace it, you are already....stupendo

Vintagedivva said...

WOW! You look like your dad alot!
You have your mom's coloring too!
You look like both of those beautiful people!
Great old shots........and no, I'm not calling you old, I promise! LOL