Thursday, March 5, 2009


barbed wire, originally uploaded by Justin Davis Davanzo.

the stream is running again! the one next to our house! I noticed it late last night when i got home from work, and by my memory that is about a month early compared to last is full and muddy and deep, but adds such a huge element to life makes things feel like they are moving forward and creates a feeling of more privacy. The weather here has been amazing the past few days...not unlike early summer...i think it will change this weekend, but it is a teaser for the warm times to come. i am noticing the buds starting to pop and the change in the light and of course, with the time change fast approaching, winter is virtually done...I am excited to see spring and summer again and basque in the warmth and do different things each day that are summer activities...i think that is what is so great about living somewhere with really look forward to the seasonal activities and that makes them more fun and important to relish each time.

Yesterday i had my meeting for the photo show, and as luck would have it, the other photographer dropped out so i now have a solo show! this is amazing as it gives me an opportunity to bring more work and create a really strong presence for the first time. I am a bit overwhelmed and nervous still and needing to buckle down for the home stretch, but excited and confident that it will be amazing...

For you locals, the show is on April 9th at McGuckins Design center here in Boulder from 5pm - 7pm. the work will then be up for 3 months after! If you can make it anytime during those months or to the opening it would be awesome.

Now i am off to the photo to be done...

Love and Understanding.


Magdalena M. said...

This photo is so amazing that I could'n express it even if i spoke english fluently. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

congratulations ! it's a one man show. did you secretly put up your infamous post-it's around mcguckins to manifest such a wonderful outcome ?
lots of love