Friday, March 13, 2009


weathered, originally uploaded by Justin Davis Davanzo.

i realized yesterday whilst eating a plate of stir fry garlic pepper chicken at the local thai joint with my mom, that art takes a long time. it isn't something that just happens and boom there it is and you are done. it has to simmer and bubble and burst and sometimes fall completely flat. I had a moment of realization that for me, writing and photography are my staple and have been for sometime now. Writing more so than anything, but photography for almost 10 years now. I didn't realize that during that time I was working and practicing and honing my that now, in life, if I am not careful, i perceive this motion as sudden, but it is not. At the cost of many hours and mostly for reasons of selfish enjoyment have I is only now at this stage that the life of my work is being awakened and seen by others, only because it has been allowed to do so. A feeling of readiness to now open up and explore in front of others and share with them what I love to do.

I received an email the other day to do another show here in Boulder at the public library...of course my initial reaction was one of surprise and novelty, but as I thought more and more, the meaning of this is full of is the recognition that all this time spent creating in secret is actually coming to fruition and the act of giving it to others is the true meaning of creating. Obviously, the many incredible working artists that read this blog (thank you) know this and are doing it each day, it just took me a while to learn it for myself....

a slow purposeful creative intent through life is the power of creating the perceived instant talent of art and many times we see it in Hollywood, the art world, with writers if they just appeared out of no just matured and were finally noticed by there peers....

love and understanding.

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lu said...

I think artists also never feel they've arrived, there is always something new to discover, to create. Patience and peace are hard work. Sometimes I wish we had on off switches, power on the adrenaline when we need it, power down and zen out when we need that.

Your photographs are so beautiful and more beautiful every post. I love my Davanzo, It's in my room behind my budda.

Best Love, Lu