Thursday, June 11, 2009

life scaffolding

plank, originally uploaded by Justin Davis Davanzo.

yep...this is how life feels sometimes...just like the picture above...a web of scaffold with ropes and planks, all there to aid in the climb but an element of rickety openess that you could fall out of or off at any moment. If you desire, you can climb to the top by navigating out and around or snake your way through each level hoping to find an open window to just get inside and off the scaffold. Right in the middle of the long spans, these things tend to bend and bounce and they feel very unstable and could possibly break from overuse and old age, but they don't. It is the age old analogy of climbing the ladder i suppose, but i think i like this one better..."life is like a scaffold" With a ladder all the rungs are there already...with scaffolding you have to set up one level, climb up to it and put up the higher level and only if you have the right boards, or the right amount of boards and all the safety clips need to be in place get it....when it is done and you climb down to the bottom there is a maze of levels and one day you may spend all day on the bottom and then the next you might be at the top, but they are all your levels and you have built every part of it and therefore it is safe and worn and you trust your own work in building it.

So here is to constantly building our scaffolding and learning how to navigate through its web and bouncy planks that are too far off the ground....

Love and Understanding

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Aphex said... is where you find it! You're a genious, man.