Monday, June 1, 2009


fence, originally uploaded by Justin Davis Davanzo.

it is hard to not get overwhelmed with all the things we want to do or mean to do in life...each is hard to relax into the chaos of creation and the feeling of not creating. I find that the days where i sit and think and wonder and worry and ponder the "what if" scenario are the hardest but they are also necessary for our growth. Like crawling through a dark tunnel and not knowing for sure if there is a small exit at the other end just big enough to slip through and take a life saving breathe of air right at the moment when it feels tightest in the chest. Trusting that our lives will not stagnate in the tunnel and the light we faintly see at the end is the light of our hearts reaching out to us as we journey in the unsettling darkness. To live this life takes courage and trust not only in ourselves, but in the process of those around us and in the universe itself. Trusting that the waking hours and the sleeping hours will take good care of us.

The daily worry about our lives can stack up and get us tangled in the complexity of the web we call life. We must not get caught in it by struggling like a fly in a sticky engineered net...we must relax into it and bounce across the surface with grace and glee and gigantic loads of energy leaving behind the others who cannot find the way out.

Love and Understanding.

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Nita June said...

yes handsome... yes yes. thank you.