Friday, December 21, 2012

The End of the World.

I have to laugh...not just at myself but everyone...the end of the world came and went and here we are...all dressed up with no where to go...or at least I am. But seriously, what if the end of the world is today?  Then what?  is that it? The old cliche, "this is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but a whimper."? I mean really. With all the things going on today those Mayans knew one thing for to make sure that we didn't forget how important our daily existence is.

Humans.  Sheesh. We really know how to imagine that we actually know anything at all about what the world is going to do or how the universe is going to act or what is actually going to take place.  Come on...really?  You think we really have ANY idea?  Ok yes, the glaciers are melting and there is a meteor out there somewhere passing very close to earth (something like 2 billion miles close) and the new Tsunami warning signs are up everywhere just in case and the ozone is failing, and super storms will ravage us more often than not now, and the internet will take over and the computers will destroy the humans...come on...really?  Oh and the earthquakes...

Humans like to pretend they can predict and control, but haven't we learned that this is just not true?

What we can control is our interaction with each other and our own actions....let's just start there...let's start with getting up in the morning and taking responsibility for how we think, act, speak and play.  Let's take responsibility for our fellow human beings....that we CAN control.

The Mayans were merely the most advanced society at the time who were simply trying to find a way to explain and control the destiny of the world and the people in I know this whole thing wasn't about the world ending, but of course, that is all you hear about. Maybe once again, the product of our media has completely squashed the meaning of life and sensationalized it into a summer movie with big explosions and therefore eclipsed the actual message of the for today and shift your love and energy and remember to be your most amazing self each day...because trust me, the world will end...some day...

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