Monday, January 14, 2013

The Plains

It's been cold lately....everywhere.  I just heard it was -30 in Steamboat this morning....dang.  It's been cold here in Santa Monica even. Last night it got down into the low 40's which for some of you that doesn't seem cold, but trust me, it feels cold.  The dampness from the ocean and the fact that most living spaces around here weren't built with the cold in mind make it seem colder than it is. I like it though. It feels like a season at least.  I recall in the late 80's it snowed a little in the hills above Malibu but I don't remember if the cold lasted as long as it has during this current cold snap. In any case, it reminds us all that we really have to do our best to wake up each day and mold our lives around the present conditions. Live in the moment if you will.  I find myself sometimes wondering what the temp will be in a few days, but why does that matter really? My point, I suppose, is to try and maintain our sense of now...the present, and what we must do in the moment to make sense of things. I am thankful I have a rood over my head and a heater that works and warm clothes and food.  That is my now for today.

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