Friday, November 30, 2007


The PODS trailer is about to be delivered during a rainy Friday morning...quite fitting...I love the rain actually, but moving in the rain is kinda lame...oh well..As the hours tick down..kind of like a NASA space shuttle know, sitting on the pad and waiting for the weather to clear kind of all feels so surreal. My entire life will be delivered to our front curb in a box that I will then load into another box, and then drive to another place with...where I will then unload the box and set up with the few tangible things I have.  Strange...but it reminds me that those are just things and the box is just a small metaphor for keeping our life simple and true...It is actually really nice to be simplified and mobile and not have placed a ton of importance on the material elements of what i have and don't have.  At 35 one could easily try and define themselves by society's I own a house, have a wife, have kids, have a job etc...or, as a wise neighbor whom I met the other day said, "Don't let that shit define you as a man.  Do what you want to do and make a life out of your own happiness, not what society defines."  I have found that trying to listen lately to those around, especially the older generation, is full of profound simplicity and lessons that they are more than willing to dispense...we all do it when we look back at the different stages in our life and it is important to always listen to the ones who have gone before...Today begins the final leg of my journey as I sort out what I can take on the first trip as I will most likely not be able to fit everything in my tiny trailer on the first go around, which will give me an excuse to drive back and visit as soon as I find my new place to live in Boulder.  This last leg is the hardest, because it is the departure that means it is more lounging around at my dad's house living the life of Riley (who was that anyway?), no, this is the mission launch, the take off, the journey into the unknown...of which I am prepared for...yet it is still not an easy departure...I know it will be amazing all around and that life will be richer for it, but it feels like I am going into the wild...only, i won't starve and eat a poison potato root...I hear the POD truck....wish me luck!


Marianne said...

Bon voyage!

boho girl said...

no poison potato root for you!

wise, wise words from your neighbor. remember that song Society on the Into the Wild soundtrack?

screw society...and go live a life doing whatever resonates with your own unique heart and soul.

rain is good. it's cleansing...a good sign. ; )

Susannah Conway said...

I'm feeling excited for you.. it reminds me of when i moved from London to this town by the sea, admittedly only a 2 hour drive, but everything i owned was in the truck, and i carried my heart in my hands, not knowing what was to come next.

i think when society tells us we should be married with kids and a big mortgage, they are actually jealous that we are writing our own story in our own time. sounds like your life is about to get so much richer and fuller than it has ever been before....

ps. i LOVE the Cinematic Orchestra :-) x