Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Trailer

Today I bought my new trailer to haul my stuff...i have been hunting for the perfect trailer for some time now, weighing my options and learning about all the different trailers out there...who knew?  It was much harder than i thought it would be to actually find are some of the highlights to the search....Sean and I ( my friend who always provides male moral support as he is a firefighter and just seems to bring a stable presence to bare) have been looking for the best deal for a few days now...we finally think we have found one in Santa Clarita which is a good 40 minutes from, we get in my truck, money in hand and head two girls we talk and laugh and joke and before we know it we are way past our exit...we call and it turns out we went the wrong way entirely..turning around we evenutally find our way back to the original place of sale...track house central in a windy burrough of Santa Clarita......Enter John...the seller, who has a haircut like Gomer Pile and seems,...well, somewhat normal until this...
"hey John, trailer looks good"
"Well, i can't believe this, but some guys broke into it last week and i just noticed...they broke the lock."
think to myself...ok...not such a big deal...i can fix that..I'll offer him $1800....
(John) "yeah...they stole my trampaline and some baby toys, but here is the worst part...(opens up the trailer) They stole the wood right off the walls...can you believe that? I don't know what they would want with all that wood."
Now, for those of you who have never seen the inside of one of these trailers...they are covered from head to toe in Luan, which is a thin wood gives it rigidity and the opportunity to hang things etc and basically looks nice...this guy was basically selling a house with no drywall...he acted like he just figured this out and still had the nerve to try and sell me the trailer for around 2K when a new one costs around 2500...let's just say, we were not amused, and at that point i had to drive another 50 minutes to the place I had gone the day before where Lindsey, the stoned, ex porn star, actually ended up selling me a new trailer...Yes I am the proud owner of a new trailer with wood paneling and is parked out front, hitched to my truck and ready to be loaded up with my is to small to fit everything I have so I will have to return for motorcycles and furniture....but, all in all, it is mine and I am sure it will be fine....


boho girl said...

omg...that's hilarious. well...perhaps not at the time but i know you and Sean had some good laughs in retrospect.

at least stoned ex-porn girlie was reliable, eh?

love the image of your blessed trailer parked in front of the palace...waiting in anticipation for an adventurous road trip.

a house without dry wall sounds kind of groovy, though... ; )


Swirly said...

The strangest errands sometimes turn into the most hilarious adventures!! And I love that you two jabber jaws missed your exit because you were gabbing like schoolgirls. Glad you survived the hunt!!