Tuesday, August 19, 2008


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ok...am I surprised that the recent Bigfoot find was a scam? Was i trying really hard not to stereotype the two backwoods guys that "found" him?? I mean..come on..and why is it that every friggin video or photo ever taken of Bigfoot is on some shitty camera that doesn't focus and has horrible resolution? We live in modern times people..can't someone at least get a good quality photo or video of the big guy? Oh wait, maybe like Sean Penn, he doesn't like photographers...It amazes me how gullible we still are..And another thing, why don't people just accept that Bigfoot is too smart for us? Obviously...I mean, we've sent probes to Mars and remote controlled them from earth, we cured Polio, we discovered how to smash two atoms together and blow up whole civilizations, but man, we can't seem to study the elusive man ape and bring along a decent fucking camera!!!! Now i am all worked up and...wait! I have a good camera!!! I could go find him and take at least one good shot of him running away from me!

Come on people. We all know Bigfoot is smart enough to live in places where some folk just don't have the obvious genes that it takes to figure out how to work a damn video camera. Take note those of you who want to get away from it all...I hear the northern Cali forests are nice and deep in Canada seems good too...if you like that kind of thing.

Love and Understanding for Bigfoot.

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Vintagedivva said...

You are hi-larious!!!!!!!!!

I will pay you in meatballs if you can find him and get a focused shot too!