Thursday, August 28, 2008

politics i found it fitting that me, one of the most un-political persons around, is smack dab in the middle...well almost, of the DNC...Luke, you will be the first to know that I am not the most...umm,,should i say, up to speed on all of this, but I still feel the urge to talk about one thing....which in my mind makes me feel like I am in high school during a school election, which i can't stand.

What the bleep is the f*&&^% deal with the fact that a large percent of Clinton supporters, upset with the fact that she is not nominated, are now either not voting or voting for McCain??? Now, I could be wrong about this information, but I heard a report that this percentage would be enough to sway a victory toward McCain. NOW, i do know enough that I would like a big change and I don't think McCain's camp would provide that. (again, keep in mind, that I am the mental capacity of a 1st grader during election time and would'nt pretend to know all the issues, but then again, 1st graders can be pretty damn perceptive..)

So, that being said, what is the point all you Clinton supporters, of working for change and then just because you are not happy with the initial outcome of who will help in the change, react so ridicuosly as to possibly F up the whole thing??? Huh??? What the bleep?

That's like saying, well, fine, if you're not friends with Jack, then I won't be friends with you and therefore we won't ever hang out again...or, maybe better, I won't eat ever again if you put tofu in my meals...pick the fucking tofu I'm mad.

What is my point? My point is this...wake the F up people and start looking at the big picture..not who you like better between Obama and Clinton. Technically they are on the same don't you think it would be smart to help that team continue and not give the other team a victory by default?

i will for sure be voting by the way due to all the folks out there that might sit at home and fume and cross their arms and act like babies...because they didn't get the right chocolate bar...theirs had nuts and they don't like nuts. Pick the fucking nuts out and eat it...
A starving kid would...aren't we starving kids at this point???

Love and Understanding (most of the time i guess right?)


Anonymous said...

I am with you...totally don't get this whole thing. It's like they're throwing a temper tantrum and not looking at the big picture. So frustrating! But definitely vote...I know I am...that way I can bitch about things when I don't like how they're going.

Hope all is well by the way :)

Luke said...

It really is like an election in High School, isn't it? Except the one in High School was better because you could ignore the freakin' dorks ... and no matter who won, it didn't matter.

Here's the really fun part. Out here in the DC suburbs is where every one of those high school government dorks moved when they grew up. I have to deal with these aggressive overly-dorked-up, self-important goobers every day.

You're more right than you know. Pick the nuts out, hold your nose and get on with your life.

Justin Davis Davanzo said...

coming from you Luke, this speaks volumes.

Unknown said...

there is intelligent life on the planet after all. thanks for a clear sign of that zootie. if mr mc cane and mother palin win because some were unwilling to pick the nuts out of their payday bar --- well, i guess the nuts win then don't they. pax, rst