Monday, August 25, 2008


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..."fears about yourself prevent you from doing your best work, while fears about your reception by others prevent you from doing your own work."

aha...i see said the blind man...of course..that makes perfect sense. First we kill ourselves and then we squish ourselves under the thumb of what should and shouldn't be..AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

ok, fine, so with that in mind, we must hold on tightly to our own knowledge and ability and then be brave enough to maintain our own mark on the world and not fall prey to the pressures around us. Easy right?

Do you ever stop what you are doing and ask yourself.."why do I keep doing this?" Like yesterday, riding my bike, at around 9,000 feet, mile 17 of a mile 18 climb...having suffered for over an hour 1/2, i had a moment of...why don't i just stop and turn around and go DOWN hill??? I mean, everytime you see someone going the other direction it fills you with jealousy and envy...but then, my thought goes to.."no way, i have made it this far, and that would be stupid and cheating and i wouldn't be able to face myself all the way down the of course, there are times when you have to cut your losses, but I thin we truly know when to say when, or at least i am learning, but yesterday, i knew I could do it, i just had to set my own pace and push on...not much further and there was a Coke and a fast long downhill waiting for me..and when i went down, I was a happy man..fulfilled by my efforts and glad i didn't turn around.

That is like our are and our lives each day, and if we don't prevent ourselves from doing our best and not let others prevent ourselves from doing our own work, then it is as simple as riding a bike up hill and then pedal stroke and breathe at a time, in the moment of joy and pain and power and weakness.

We are stronger than we know.

Love and Understanding.

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Swirly said...

What I have learned is that I have to be willing to do my very best even when no one is watching, even when no one will see it, even when other people around me are, for whatever reason, tempting me to give in to resentment, laziness and anger. It is work, and it is worth it.