Thursday, January 1, 2009


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it is here...just like that...the 09...the zero nueve, the zeronine, the year before twentyten...the new always seems so surreal that suddenly it is a new year and seemingly we get a fresh start, which i many ways it is one of the few ways we, as a collective society, agree on something..all around the world we are acknowledging a new start, so why couldn't this trickle down to other things? strange really....i think it is a simple statement that all of us on this planet believe that we can have a better chance for this year, a new start a new plan....many of us feel that 2009 will be one to remember, for many reasons i am sure. I think in history it will for sure be one of those times we look back on and realize that we again were able to make changes and deal with adversity in our lives. I always feel a bit off track on the New Year, only because i have never really gone wild for it, but this year is different for me. There are truly things in my life that have changed and will change within this next year of which I am thankful for and excited for. I feel blessed to have entered this year with so much love and support around me and for that I am thankful.

this morning, i have a slight head ache, not from drinking too much, but from staying up till 3 i is a quiet day here in Boulder...i don't really want to go into all the things that have passed this year at this moment...i think i just want to drink some more coffee and send love to all of you for the first time this year. So there. ...nothing too profound other than, enjoy the moments we all have together.

Happy New Year my friends and family and my tribe....may it be full of all your wildest imagination, bravery, silliness and love.

love and understanding....2009

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Anonymous said...

hello dear one,
thank you for the gift of you in 2008.