Tuesday, January 6, 2009


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as time is floating, or rather, flying, by...things seem to blend together sometimes. like the moments that define our lives and give us perspective..like birthdays. Nita is 28 years old today.
Happy Birthday!!!
It is a wonder how the perspective of age changes each year...the magic number of certain birthdays. 16, 21, 30...i am fast approaching 40...but the perspective of those years starts to make a bit more sense and I can remember myself as a 28 year old...vastly confused, unsure, jumpy, quick to change things up, not too smart...and then i look at Nita, and I feel like she is so put together already at 28...i love being down the road a bit and watching her walk down the road...finding her way and being her own person. it is all a journey and we must not worry too much about the "age" we are...because at some point we will look back and giggle a bit i think at our ages...to me, 28 seems like a long time ago, yet it also is fresh in my mind and i feel lucky to celebrate that today with Nita...I think the years add spice and layers and i do truly believe we are like wine...

so happy birthday my love.


Vintagedivva said...

I agree!
Age is a matter of perspective and every age has it's own gifts!

and indeed we are like wine....ever changing, ever growing, ever reaching and it tastes so great!

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to dear Titabella!


Catherine said...
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Anonymous said...

beautiful radiant titabella
happy happy birthday
big hugs

TitaBella said...

thank you my lovely friends and my handsome husband-to-be! So blessed am I... :)

Blue said...

Happy (LATE) Birthday, Nita! I look forward to getting to know you and *fingers crossed* collaborating with you in the future--

And props to you Justin for such a lovely tribute--

Bisous, Elizabeth