Monday, May 18, 2009


sitting, originally uploaded by Justin Davis Davanzo.

it has been a bit since i have visited...i suppose i have been "sitting". I felt such a huge effort of creative energy during the last few months that I realized i needed to rest a bit-to regain my creative strength. Just like I do with bike riding or working need to rest in between and recover. It is the only way. So I have been resting. Of course during the rest is when the mind starts to think of all the next things to do. So many good things on the horizon, but no the challenge of starting again...sitting and starting. So you see, the sitting is the challenge on both ends. Sitting to rest and being quiet, or sitting to start the creative effort. Both have their own challenges.

I had such a blessed reminder again last night from a tribe member who reminded me how important this blog is for many people and for myself. I also had my chart read by a dear friend and to take away the simplest meaning for me is this....My "north node", which is my life track, is to follow my intuition, my heart...not logic...not the "right" way...but to follow my way...That way for me is all creative and all mysterious, but I do know that when I live my life that way amazing things happen and open up. This is the track to be on and to focus on.

I can go either way with Astrology. I am interested in it, but it is also something I don't let run my thoughts. However, I must admit, that having a planetary confirmation of positive motion sure feels good and just adds to the reason for doing and being something. If the planets said, "you should be a math teacher" I think I would be in big trouble....

I believe we all have the power to follow our intuition or our instincts and that when we do, life is easier in some ways. It is when we fight against our gut, our intuitive knowledge, that life becomes confusing. I have done it so many times. My body and heart is telling me to get out, to run, to not proceed, but I do. And later i think back and wonder what I was trying to do? There are times when we know it isn't the right thing, but our intuition tells us to stay for the lesson and the experience. Those times are important too, but mostly, moving quickly through the moment of instinct is for our is for our track and staying on our track is the key. There are times to come off it and to explore the surrounding areas, but really, the joy is on the track....

The other half of the North Node element, was my track of reaching people on a grand scale of the blog does, or my book, or my photos...this is the journey that is part of my track and to be able to do this is magic.

So, thank you for always being here and reading and listening.

Here is to living in our intuitive self.

Love and Understanding.


Anonymous said...

i'm one of the many who will read this and think, "he wrote that just for me!"
thank you again and again.

Lisa said...

I echo Grace. This speaks to my core...