Friday, May 8, 2009


Chevrolet, originally uploaded by Justin Davis Davanzo.

stages of life..the chapters...the things that we are doing now turn into the things that are done and over and complete. We move on and forward and look back at those things and marvel at the experience. Starting a new chapter is never easy, but always exciting. Not knowing what may come down the road or what lies beyond the next turn. It is the part of life that we do. I must say, having someone with you to start and end chapters is amazing. And so Nita starts a new chapter. She has graduated officially with a Masters Degree in Performance. I have been blessed to be able to share it with her for almost 2 years, but now starting together a new chapter is exciting. Not to mention the wedding of course being one of those, but watching her now decide on new things to tackle and accomplish and I get to be a part. And for me too...being in my current chapter of life, not knowing what may come, but knowing she is there sharing it with me too. It certainly helps. The lulls of life, the crazy times, the doubtful times. They all come together in the end to form the experience of now. I am remembering back to my graduation...except i was only 25...not knowing what to do, but just going for it. No i get to experience that again...and again...

the road is long...walk slow.

Love and understanding.


TitaBella said...

I love taking these steps with you handsome. There is no one else I wold rather have by my side, my sweet love of my life. I adore madly... Thank you for your patience, your heart and soul and love... let's hold hands and LEAP!!!! Yipppeeee!!!

Anonymous said...

You two are a delight to the world and all who love you.
Enjoy - the chapters get richer and richer not to mention jucier and jucier - woohoo !

lu said...

What a stroke of excellent karma for the two of you to have found each other.

I adore this photograph, the colors are perfect!