Wednesday, December 16, 2009

i like cereal

The Fountain of Life, originally uploaded by Justin Davis Davanzo.

yep. I don't know what to write about today so i like cereal.

Is it really December 16th already? I am trying to grasp the concept and i am still having difficulty. 2010 is right around the corner which also seems strange. Do you remember trying to imagine 2010 when it was 2000? Wait..that means my 20 year high school reunion is not far off...20 years ago? how can that be? Almost half my life? what the F?
It seems like yesterday that I was driving around in my 1969 BMW 1600 with the sunroof open and the surfboards on top. My best friend Gus and I, used to run out of gas and have to push it down Montana Ave (thankfully mostly down hill) and fill it up with the five bucks we had between the two of us. That car was awesome. I learned to drive it by double clutching because the synchro mesh was out from 1st to 2nd. That means you couldn't go straight from 1st to second, you had to press the clutch in, put it in neutral, let the clutch out, then press in the clutch and then put it into 2nd...I got pretty good at this and found out later, that alot of race car drivers do this for smoother shifting. Try it...

I drove Marco, my first dog, home in that car from East LA. We were in the slow lane on the 10 FWY going West and he was sitting practically in my lap as we drove home all the while trying to think of what i would tell my parents. I was 19 years old.

that was a cool car.

I still love driving. I would rather drive cross country than fly if i had the time. Or better yet, get on my motorcycle and ride across...either way though, the sense of freedom and adventure is always the same. I still sometimes giggle at the fact that we, as humans, drive cars. it is a funny concept really. Look at the position we are in...sitting next to each other and traveling through space. If you watch cars go by, imagine there is no car, only the people, and the image of them sitting side by side traveling down the road seems strange and funny. Or when we are all sitting in traffic, literally...

I suppose that is why i love to do things like ride a bike or ski. Driving is sort of an extended chair, but with cycling etc, we are actually moving and being a part of the landscape....

So I like cereal.

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