Monday, July 9, 2012

Sunflowers, Van Gogh and Hogwarts.

I got to visit my wife this weekend for our 3 year anniversary up in Sacramento, where she is attending an intensive month long program for her teaching certification at the Rudolph Steiner College. The picture above is of their biodynamic sustainable gardens right on campus and it was an incredible place.  I am amazed at the magical spirit of my wife and the wonder of her experience up there and for me it was so fun to share just a quick moment of time in a place that seriously reminded me of Hogwarts. You may think that is funny but its true! The Waldorf school to me is the magic that one would find only in books and since the imagination is fostered so incredibly it makes sense, but this was different. It was different because instead of a bunch of young kids running around, it was all the teachers who all seem a little like magic wizards, especially my wife since we all know she is a magical good witch. There is an energy of calm and caring up there that is quite amazing and after sitting quietly under a big friendly oak tree and staring off into the garden with beautiful sunflowers, I realized that I had to capture the moment I am sure Van Gogh would have painted.  He gravitated towards the simplicity of the outdoor gardens and life under trees and, as some of you know, my fascination with Van Gogh has always been one of great wonder and importance in my life. I found it interesting that at that very moment I was more content than I have been in a while, listening to the wind rustle the gentle leaves of the oak above me, hearing the birds sing and feeling the heat of the day even though I was in the shade.  It was all so perfectly quiet and gentle, and calming, and it was easy to just be. Something to remember for sure.

My wife's magical journey has been, and is amazing, to watch and as I get to play a small role in it I feel lucky to know that I am in the inner circle of magic. There are many things changing in my life and growing (as they should be), but remembering to quiet down for a moment and just listen to the world is something to not forget. I am again embarking on a path that will take me to places unseen and as I trust the process and journey I can't help but feel a little anxious of course. This is all part of life and giving into the moment and decision can sometimes take a while, but letting go of the control and trusting the process is when the magic takes over. The journey through the secret gardens is the stuff of magic and love and simplicity....

Love and Understanding.


Nita June said...

I am the lucky one to have you by my side on this magical journey... I love you Justin Davis Davanzo, more than ever. Thank you for your visit, for your encouragement and support, for your love and appreciation for me and my path. You are my magical husband and together we shall continue to trad our path in love and delight in the world's wonder!

mom said...


i wanted to say, that as you said,"letting go of the control and trusting the process" was something that i witnessed both you and Bella doing when you first began your courtship with each other.

too, your phrase, " the journey through the secret gardens is the stuff of magic and love and simplicity", so aptly describes the journey you and your beloved have been on ever since you two met.

happy anniversary my tita and zooty...