Monday, July 30, 2012

The Daily Routine

What's next face?  check it out. it's my new look in the mornings...i am adjusting to a new schedule on all job, new rehearsals, new workouts, new ideas. it's all part of the plan i suppose, but i make that face's not really a specific face or expression and can be used for all sorts of expression, such as, "holy crap now what", or "i hope this shit works!",  or "ooohhh, i did not see that one coming." and so forth...funny how things tend to happen like dominoes, one after another and so it is that i am number one domino right now and its kinda fun, and kinda scary and kinda cool all rolled into one.  The challenge is maintaining all things that are important to me along the lines of creative, fun, relationship, and personal time...i guess that is the challenge for most, but these days it's new to me so i am continuing down the road of what's next?  i think i'll make that face at some point should too...

Love and Understanding.

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