Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Cage

i was having a discussion the other day about living in Los Angeles...having previously escaped the island i find myself often musing about the mountains and the open space, the slower pace, and the lack of traffic. I took the above picture while walking to work and it wasn't until later that i saw it for what it was...a cage of cages. Motorcycle riders call cars "cages" and the fence sums up the rest of the idea. The Rat Race is a common one that comes to mind and this picture sums that up a bit. i often ride or walk over this bridge and sigh with relief that i am not down there in the shark tank swimming in one direction, but it also reminds me that i am very close to it and living in this life trying to not fall in is for sure a challenge. Blade Runner comes to mind also. The darkness of the pic conjures up all sorts of depressing thoughts, not to say that i am necessarily depressed today, but it makes me a little sad i think to imagine that this is the world, or at least parts of it. Walking in it on paths that are not traveled by most can be scary and fun and full of doubt and insecurity and wonder. Remembering to stop and breathe for a moment is the key and making sure to get away from it all is a gift to give oneself each day. In this particular world model of cages and concrete and metal, we must remember to find the life and love otherwise we may forget it exists at all.

Love and Understanding

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mom said...


i commend you your faith and devotion to keeping yourself alive and thriving in the cage of cages...

quite courageous of you to continue to go down the road less traveled whilst living among some of the fallen angels who lost their way long ago...