Friday, August 3, 2012

The Pond and Other Musings

So my new job...its located in two large office buildings in a part of town that is fairly busy and bustling and i find that its hard to find a spot that is quiet and relaxing, however there is one which happens to be a very long and large Coy pond located between the two it are probably 40 or 50 pretty big Coy and they are really amazing to see.  I find myself walking next to the pond on my way in and any time that I am outside walking just to peak at them.  When you get close they swim up and put there face out (do fish have faces?) and sort of make this big open mouth movement as if to say "hello!"
I called the above fish Flavius and we had a moment...its the moments like that where I feel a little out of place in this world, when everyone else is running by with their phones texting and not noticing the simple beauty. I am not saying i am better than others, I am just saying when i have a quiet reflective moment with Flavius, i am remembering that i beat to a different drum and being in the corporate world again makes it all the more evident that this needs to be fostered and supported.  And so now i make a point to see Flavius and the others each time i come by.  I am reminded to take it slow and notice things as I try and still take pictures of the simple moments below, this was in a little restaurant yesterday and I just loved it...the old scale, the was perfectly set and its those moments of secretly knowing that I can still see them that grounds me....especially now that I carry around two phones and wear a watch.  Funny how things work.  Well at least it's Friday and I get to have a weekend....Love and Understanding. J

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mom said...


your virtue is its own reward, but it is very fortunate when 'providence' throws in some little additional Flavius!!

loved the photo (so vintage) and would love to go with you to the restaurant from where you took the picture the next time i am in town.