Friday, February 15, 2008

the flash

the flash, originally uploaded by boxersiciliano.

well...that's it...i have decided to no longer sit on my ass...after a great PT session the other day i bought a motorcycle and rode around town........ok fine...i sat with my camera outside on a beautiful sunny day and took this shot of a sweet 1000S Ducati riding by...mmmmm....the day was close to what I think spring will be here. Warm and beautiful with a perfect sky above. I was able to walk around without much trouble and felt really good overall...I really don't have much to say today...I am tired a bit from my new job as Program Director for Eldora Ski School...sounds more glorious than it is, but I have really had a good time with it...feels good to work even if it is at a desk...i get to spend the day in the mountains still! I will be 36 years old March 22...i just realized that today for a moment and it made me feel good actually..not the usual feeling of "oh my gosh, i am getting older"...i welcome it and feel that because of my life i am able to do so many amazing things and that only comes with time and experience...well for now.. I hope everyone has an amazing weekend and continues to breathe deep and smile....

for now,
love and understanding.


Ms. Conley said...

Cheers to getting older and wiser, but never growing up. Hope you get back on your Ducati soon....that will keep you young..What do you want for your birthday, besides a 1000s?

Swirly said...

You sound you were especially present when you wrote this entry. Keep at it. :)