Wednesday, February 25, 2009

cliche i know

jd, originally uploaded by hoatzin66.

but hey...why not...actually my cousin Madison did this for me...nice work buddy. I think I could run for president for sure eh?

Ahh the whim of time and season. I realized i hadn't sat down here for a bit and then someone reminded me that they look forward to it every day and that was really important to hear. This is the one thing I get to do during the day that is quiet and private and peaceful, yet it is also shared with you.

so as i write today, i realize that i will be 37 years old in less than a month..huh? i mean, come on...just yesterday i was walking off my high school campus vowing to buck the system and never do anything that my parents wanted me to...(ok, a bit extreme, but good for the point), but I can remember all of this as if it were yesterday and as I think about this year and how many amazing things are going on and have yet to occur it is incredible how full life is..every day. This year especially...New jobs, healthy knees, planning a wedding, the wedding, the honeymoon, art shows, plays , graduation, bike riding, skiing, writing a book, making music, being with family more often, a black president, learning how to snowboard, new friends....just to name a few...i mean, really, this is what it is all about...we constantly try to remember that this life is our adventure and we can do whatever we want. Sure, there are times when we must be "practical" (throw up and cringe) and make sure we take care of business (early tax returns are nice), but for the most part, this is our palette and we can paint in any color, shape, size and at any time we want...this is something for all of us to remember, and rejoice in and continue to push ourselves in the direction of the life we want to lead. Of course, sometimes easier said than done.

I sometimes feel overwhelmed with all the things going on around so fast, that it takes time to slow them down and make the list and give each one the attention they deserve...but life is not waiting and so we must be efficient in our ways of living.

(here i go again..self preaching and spouting off)

i can't help it...but the truth is this...I want to continue to live each day as best i can and enjoy all the moments of this life. My family, my new family, my wife to be, my art, my quiet moments, my angry moments, my sad moments, my moments of despair, my doubt, my joy, my excitement, my freedom, my health, my creativity...all moments...

remember what my little friend taught us....

"what was your favorite run today?"

"This one."

This one.....

Love and Understanding


Anonymous said...

Madison did a wonderful job of "postering" you...actually, I think you look as though you could run for the President of Italy...your Sicilian grandfather (Nanu) would be proud of you; both in and out of the
Boxing Ring!

Anonymous said...

ahhhh a sip of water...
thank you :)
now that i know that when you aren't here, you are writing your book, i will send good typing mojo your way.
big hugs,

Nita June said...

Oh my, yes I agree with Mama Tanina - you sicilian Presidente! I always love reading your words... thank you once again...

Anonymous said...

I want a copy of the poster. That is all.

Oh, and as for Sicilian, let's be a little careful, here's the math. Mom = one half Carey, one half Balzano. Now, was your grandmother 100% Sicilian? That requires both Nanu, and Nana, Mom's grandparents to both be 100% Sicilian. If not, then your grandmother was only one half Sicilian. If that, then Mom was one quarter Sicilian, one quarter Italian, and one half Irish. Babbo is half Italian and a quarter each German/English. That makes you 1/8 Sicilian, 3/8 Italian, 1/4 Irish, 1/8 each German/English. Or to put it another way, you're half Italian. Math lesson over. QED. Unless of course I'm wrong.

Justin Davis Davanzo said...

dad...your math skills never cease to amaze me!