Saturday, February 28, 2009

tax cut

organic, originally uploaded by Justin Davis Davanzo.

good, now I can go shopping at Whole Foods and buy that piece of fish i've been wanting.

ahhhh...saturday...a day off...what to do? not sure yet. bike ride?
loaf? take pictures? be creative? watch a movie? write? clean the house? walk? nap? play music? ride a motorcycle? drink more coffee? call my friends? shop? sit in the sun? eat? cook? laugh? mope? people watch? wash the car? ski? star into nothing? eat pizza? drink beer? wander? wonder? wish? laugh.


love and understanding.


lu said...

Days off...we need more of them, more of them in places like Boulder. Did you ride? Cook?

What luxury, a free Sat. I want one again.

Magdalena M. said...

:-) I've got the same, and on the end usually spend whole day in my pyjamas. Big hugs for Nita and you!

Ms. Conley said...

All of the above!!!! They all sound great.....