Wednesday, February 4, 2009

manifest things

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when i was young i used to practice the power of manifestation. The way it worked is I would find a sticky pad with about 50 notes on it and start writing the thing I want most...( mom will remember this one ) They were usually big ticket items like dogs, bikes, games etc...i would write it out on each note and begin my mind placing those notes all over the house, in the cabinets, drawers, fridge, bathrooms...anywhere I knew they would be found the message would be conveyed. Now, obviously at that time my universe was my mom and dad, so at some point they would give in or say No...but i didn't give up easy and many times it would present itself in one way or another. I can't say that this was the most spiritual approach but it taught me to be focused and to use the power of the mind.

in my adult life i continue to manifest things in is a pattern i have had for a long time and I can look back and remember certain times where it was very key to manifesting Marco my dog, or my first motorcycle, or winning a trip to is how it works.

I will begin with a small idea, or desire, or is usually something i know i want in life (and they aren't always some life changing event or thing) but they are things that I know would make me happy...I begin to think about this thing, at first a little, but then it becomes something that I research, and look at. I start asking myself how I could afford it..what would I have to do? Then, here comes the big one...i start talking about family, friends, strangers...I keep pushing this idea mentally and physically in my focal mind. The other key for me, is i don't worry about how it will come to me. In other words, I don't immediately ruin the possibility by saying I can't afford it, monetarily or spiritually...i don't let that get in the way. I trust that it will show up at the right moment and things will align...

Why do I say this today?? for a few reasons...I notice myself doing this more often in the last 2 years and see it working...One huge catalyst was the decision to move and change my life...i wasn't sure about the outcome, but knew that it had to be put in motion...

I believe in this stuff...not from a hocus pocus place, but from an energetic place...if you want something and you focus on it and believe, it will come to matter what it might be, it just depends on your energetic desire.

For example...( and this is a small one) i love motorcycles...they make me happy...i sold my last one a year ago and find myself fixed on the next I manifest the fact that it will show a matter of fact, the picture is key way to manifest...visual manifestation.

I am working on this for other things too...the wedding, a house, my photography...the important thing is, you have to be patient and it ties in a bit to yesterday's have to put the ships out, but this is all manifesting power...

Besides, i know this works...i woke up and manifested my coffee this there.

try it if you haven't already...

Love and Understanding

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