Tuesday, July 28, 2009


King Kong, originally uploaded by Justin Davis Davanzo.

i just woke up and I am tired today..really tired...like the kind of tired that I couldn't open my eyes at first without feeling like they had sand in them..you know? but I heard the coffee brewing and I had to get up and have it. I have been marveling at the mysterious nature of life these days. How it works and why. Why things line up in our lives and occur just at the moment they are meant to and during most of that time we are trying to make it do something it doesn't want to. It seems we spend a lot of time wishing for things that aren't in the cards at the time we are wishing. Perhaps this is by design. It gets the energy flowing and out of the dreams and wishes comes action and from that action comes the catalysts for the universe to present its plan. Some days are better than others i suppose...in terms of letting things happen versus "making" things happen...which is it? What is it that we are actually doing in life? Are we letting things happen or making things happen? It all depends on who you are talking to or how we perceive it. I believe in the balance of the two. You have to take a step forward in the direction you believe you should go. One cannot stay put and hope the ground will move, but in taking the step one must then trust the flow of the direction they are headed and the path that they are now on. For being tired, I sure have tapped into my inner Buddha.

The path to the right path is often not the path we had planned on and who is to say there is a right path anyway? So in essence, we are walking blind and only by looking back at the paths we think we chose, do we see where things fell into place. I think of that all the time. The little things that had to occur for me to end up in a direction. Really think about it and it comes down to a small detail of the moment or a thought, or a forced direction. I can think of thousands in life that lead me to today...led me to this morning. Why am I writing about this today? Because I am in one of those moments I suppose creatively and it strikes me that by "doing", things begin to take shape..by saying yes to the creative path, things happen and only after does it all make sense.

I guess life is kind of like waking up every day...you just do it and the day begins and unfolds, no matter how tired we are or how cloudy it is, or sunny, or how overwhelmed, bored, happy, sad, confused or indifferent...we just get up and open our eyes and that is the beginning of that path for the day...

Love and Understanding