Monday, July 27, 2009

tasty waves

Hanalei Bay , originally uploaded by Justin Davis Davanzo.

every time i look at this shot i want to go for a reminds me of how warm the sand and the water were. They were the perfect temperature early in the morning and both were equally inviting...the sand had a cool feel yet just beneath it was still warm from the previous day and by the time you got to the water, it was a soft calm feel that washed the sand from your feet with a delicate yet purposeful embrace. The air was just right too...and the magic combination of the three made it a seamless journey from land to water and back. Most days i didn't even shower, i just swam and air dried...perfect.

so i've been thinking late at night what is next in life...what is our next adventure? Obviously we are on one, but i mean the details of one that i don't know about yet. I have agreed to not try and think too much about it, but it is hard sometimes to not. All of this adds up to tapping into a large imagination of the things i love to do. I feel well rested from the responsibility of planning the wedding and doing things that were uber creative for me, but I am ready to begin tap the creative barrel and check the grapes and see if they fermented just right to begin another batch. Can you tell I was in Wine Country?

I want to leap into the blue water of my mind each day and splash and play and float and dive and sometimes not come out for a long time. Then when I do, i want to bask in the sun and sand and fall asleep and dream that I am in a dream.

Love and Understanding.

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