Friday, September 25, 2009


Brewing, originally uploaded by Justin Davis Davanzo.

This could not be more fitting...not that a bad storm is brewng, but a good storm..i feel it in the air..things are building and culminating and, well, the clouds in this shot. A quiet storm of immense creative proportion that is building and getting ready to release torrents of creative energy and thunder and lightning...I feel like every day is moving towards a greater purpose of my creative existence and ability...things are opening up for me to learn, and practice and to feel like I deserve them and when I look back it is all part of the practice....

As Yoda once said...

"Do not try....Do."


"Just Do It"

or ...Steve Jobs

"One cannot connect the dots looking forward, only backward" that last one is just one of my favorites...
but is in the doing..the little things each day..the process of
...I am going to do.

Love and Understanding.

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Nita June said...

oh I love this picture... thank you as always for your wisdom my partner in doing!