Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Single Fin, originally uploaded by Justin Davis Davanzo.

German lesson of the day:


N. Pleasure taken in doing what one does best.

ok so here it is...the best example that comes to mind for me are Cheetahs. Cheetahs are made for running fast and hunting...that is what they do. When they are doing it they are experiencing der Funktionlust....ja. Some say that when animals are in der Funktionlust they are actually smiling...and happy and the endorphins are flowing freely.

right now I am experiencing it too...although I wasn't running...or hunting. I was taking photos for a commercial photo shoot...something that is fairly new to me in the grand scheme of things, but in doing it I realize that I was in miene Funkionlust. Two hours went by like minutes and i wanted to keep going...i could have done it all I can hardly sit still....tap tap tap...i think that we all have it, but it takes time to find out what the true meaning is for each of us.

There are of course many things I enjoy that make me happy and that I am good at, but taking pictures for me is maybe the only thing besides acting where I feel naturally in my element and nothing else matters...they seem very easy and everything just clicks....

so today i am en meine Funktionlust and I hope you are too.

Love and Understanding.


Mom said...

It dawns of me that Marco must have been in his der funktionlust whenever he was around you...I always remember him 'smiling' his precious face off when you would enter his space.

Justin Davis Davanzo said...

i think you are right....