Monday, September 28, 2009


SHOCKED, originally uploaded by Justin Davis Davanzo.

What a day. Let's just say in a good way...i think i had way to much coffee for starters, but what the heck...I feel like there are so many good things going on that I don't know where to i won't...but i will say that there is a directional force at work that is getting more powerful each day. I have just booked my third photo show which will be up mid October and I am beginning to work on a more regular basis with commercial based photo shoots around town...all of which are paying that is a huge step in the right direction..getting paid to do what I love. I look back at this year and marvel at the huge things that have happened...ummm...getting married to my amazing wife? that would be enough to last and not have to do or plan anything for a whole year...but life goes forward and in that year, there have been shows, and books and writing and life...but all of it in the best vein of living large and pursuing the things that make one happy....there is so much for me to be thankful for that I really have to make a mental note to slow down and take things in...we watched a small sliver of the 3000 wedding photos taken by our amazing photographer, Beth Sanders, and while watching it all came flooding back..the amazing moment in time we had this summer with our families and friends and the simplicity of what is really on a day where i feel fairly anxious with the many things to complete before some deadlines, i also feel very grateful and very much in love and extremely happy to have the life i do...I sometimes feel like a living experiment...and right now, the experiment is working....

love and understanding


Swirly said...

It's ALL an experiment!! It's inspiring to see yours in action.

Anonymous said...

and you live in such a lovely petri dish :)