Saturday, June 16, 2012

Faryn the Fairy.

This is my niece Faryn.  Remember that idea that I wasn't going to spend a bunch of time telling you a bunch of history over the last year or so?  Well, last night I realized that I couldn't possibly get away with that.  Faryn Irene Klapsis was born on January 4th, 2012 which makes me an official uncle on my side of the family. I am also an uncle to two other amazing young ones, Kai and Ruby on Nita's side, but there is is for sure something a bit different when its your own sister's child.  Faryn is a fairy for sure and as such I have been more aware of the fairies all around.  I think about her all the time even when I can't see her due to her napping schedule or my sister's strict regimen of errands, which I love, but when i do get to see her I am always amazed at how much she has grown and changed within an instant of time.  She is already almost 6 months old???  I know many of you reading this have had experience but I have not and it is an incredible thing to behold. Not only the life that has just entered the world, but the immediate effect on all of those around her....her Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles and strangers who constantly come up to her when you are on a walk to stare in amazement. Babies bring the world together if only for a brief moment in time and the fact that we come into this world in complete and utter helplessness is an amazing feat of nature. We all start this way, in wonderment and trust and simplicity of sleep, eating, listening, observing, crying, and sleeping.  How could it be that we all start there?  What a joy it is to see this and be reminded of how fragile we are and how much we need in order to survive. Its a good thing to remember since, as most of you know, I usually challenge this idea of adults losing all things child like and with this in mind, it would be interesting to reflect on the idea of asking for help and trusting others to provide help because they want to.  I am not saying we have to cry and poop and act like a baby (although sometimes that is for sure necessary), but we can benefit from the idea that the tribe is there for us whenever we need them, and sometimes we have no choice. We are all going through our challenges in this life and it is easy to forget that we are not alone in those moments, and no matter the challenge or how steep the hill, or how scary the ride, we can find comfort in the fact that we were all fairies to begin with. Knowing this will help us remember that life is a precious and magical thing and we can always trust the love we have all around...I wonder what Faryn is doing right now.

Love and Understanding.

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mom said...

what a sweet tribute to The Faryn...she will have the most magical adventures with her uncle; well versed in fairies, ancient forests, and the wonder of never having lost his own child-like wonderment with the world.