Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Shaken not Stirred

If you are catching up on this blog these days you'll find that I have been up to many things...one of them for work has been bartending.  I have been working at a bar in Santa Monica called The Misfit for the last year or so and being in my (ahem) 40's now, it is for sure a different ball game when working for a few reasons...one being the simple fact that its hard labor and late nights and I just don't bounce back like I used to, but its fun and I can think of harder labor (digging ditches for 8 hours).  The other fact is just being older than  everyone back there makes me the undesired "old man" on the crew, which I actually kind of enjoy since life experience for sure plays a role.  Its not a role that I deem as a self acclaimed leader or anything, no.  Its the role of self acclaimed realizer.  That's not a medical term, I just made it up, but in case it goes big, you saw it first here.  The SAR (Self Acclaimed Realizer) in me has chance each night to realize that with age things for sure change the perspective one has.  I see it in the way I listen, work, speak, get frustrated, and prepare for the night.  For a time I was down on myself saying things like, "How can I be 40 and working behind a bar?"  More often than not though, I realize that it's a great practice to interact with strangers and regulars who are imbibing and generally pretty open to talking or sharing their things about their lives.  Sometimes for the worse, but 9 out of 10 are just human beings sharing, even though it takes them a few drinks or so to get there, but they share.  They share with a trusted figure in society...the Bartender....ummm...me?  I get great joy (most of the time) in spending a few minutes with a complete stranger and making them feel welcome and listened too.  Now don't get me wrong, there are plenty of times when I'd like to spray them all in the face with a dark beer and then dance on the bar with a bottle of Absinthe and a song, but really, again, most of the time, I take a moment to imagine who they are, where they came from and what moment I can add to their day.  Of course not everyone is willing to or able to accept it, nor do they want to out of fear or insecurity or misplaced arrogant tom foolery, but I try to not take that personally.  Being a bartender really is an awesome experience once you get past the constant cleaning late at night, the drunk idiots who surface once and a while, and the really slippery floors that almost take your life once a night.  Really, for real, its a great gig.  It had been almost 10 years since I made a drink and it took me a little bit to get my groove back, but now its just like riding a bike...Oh, and I am not a Mixologist by the way...that is one of those lame ass "sensitive job" titles that are given out these days to make people feel more important that they really are...I am a Bartender. I make you a drink. You drink it.  You like it, I make another one.  I don't wave sissy ass herbs and infused bitters over a special glass and blow some fairy dust on it...so please...next time you visit...just call out..."hey, Bartender..."  or whatever else you want relative to my person at that moment and depending on my mood, I might just buy you one.

Love and Understanding.

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mom said...

you are sooo funny...i think you should create your own line of specialty drinks for Misfits: The Sissy Ass Herb Martini and Fairy Dust Margarita, for starters..