Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Lobster

Ok...that's me getting ready to eat my first 2lb lobster in a long time and maybe ever...yep...don't get me wrong I've eaten lobster, but it's been a while since I encountered a 2 pounder. She was magnificent as you can see below.
but i this life there are moments that we try and not forget and as I think of many I wish I had a better way to record them in my memory, but that is just the magic of life I suppose. In many ways life is what your memory makes of it and maybe in the end those memories are all we have. Where am I going with this?  Money. I am working towards understanding the meaning of life of course, as I hope you are too, since if one of us comes up with it first, we must share it, but one of my reasonings is money is not the meaning of life, in case you didn't know, duh. I think memories are the meaning of life and the only way to have a memory is for something to happen, granted some memories are worse than others and for some those memories are literally what kill them, but I don't want to go down that road since this is a happy place. No. Memories of the kind that are good and meaningful are the meaning of life. Me at 40 with a bib on eating a very large bottom dwelling crustacean with my cousins is a good memory, not to mention the immense amounts of butter that were consumed. What is great about memories is one leads to another. Let's take butter for example. When I think of butter I remember all the times that my incredible mom would cook in the kitchen and the smell and sound of it and how much I learned through osmosis and how much I love to cook, and that brings me to the house I grew up in, which in turn, brings me to memories of teaching my sister how to ride a bike. You see how this goes. My point is this....when walking in the light of life try to not focus on what it is that you are or going to be but focus on the moment of self awareness and let go a little. This will ensure that a memory of some amazing proportion will show up based on the open and willing love of experience if even for one moment. At least that is what I am working towards each day. I think that is why I love to take pictures since each one is a thousand nano seconds of memory and can spark all the amazing moments surrounding that one picture.  Cliche I know, but isn't it all?

Love and Understanding.

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mom said...

i find that first thing in the morning, i check to see if you have entered a blog entry--it is such a wonderful way to start my day...

crustacean eating also comes to you through osmosis from the italian side of my family: one of my favorite 'memories' was that each christmas eve, my nanu would fill his bathtub with live lobster and crab for our 'big night' feasting. it was always outrageous, as a young child, to see them swimming around in the bathtub. and, yes, you did grow up with an abundance of butter--my motto for cooking was always: if it needs more flavor, just add butter and that meant usually a whole stick of it!!!