Monday, June 25, 2012

Yesterday I woke up and the first thing I thought motorcycle is dirty...I should wash it.  So I grabbed a bucket and some warm water etc and went out back to do so.  I guess it's sort of in my nature from a young age but honestly there is something really soothing and meditative about caring for something personally like that.  Before I continue, I'd like to notice my extremely hip fashion in this photo while I helped wash my dad's car.  The haircut, the kicks, the sweater with the collar out?  But I digress. Lately I have been struggling with what to do next in life and the decision to do so seems bigger than usual even though I know it's not.  As I complete the next few days of set mediation that I have set forth for myself, I plan to continue to let it arrive in the way it will arrive, but that is hard to do. Something happened at the bar last night that helped put it into perspective though. I met an elderly woman named Anette from Algiers who has lived in Santa Monica for 75 years...almost all her life, but since she is 92 now, she reminded me that not all her life has been here.  She was born in Algiers, North Africa and recounted a story of hunting with her brother during WWII in Morocco with an American General who was pretty "cool". (Her words)  It struck me that if I am lucky enough to live that long, I have another 52 years ahead of me which means that I have plenty of time to make decisions and change them and life is long.  I think Anette was an angel of sorts last night and I wish I could have been on the other side of the bar to just listen to her stories and life.  She is a professor at Cal Tech in International History so I bet she is a great story teller.  This week I am going to work on remembering Anette and her wonderful energy and will help me wash cars and make decisions....

Love and Understanding.

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