Wednesday, May 28, 2008

First Aid

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Last night I took First Aid training, the first of two nights...I have to be certified in order to coach the little guys on the mountain bikes which start June, i am not the greatest when it comes to that kind of stuff, mostly even the thought of it makes me a bit uneasy. But then I think of all the times in life that I have dealt with something that should have grossed me out completely, i guess you sort of go into a special place and stay least I think. I have friends who are firefighters/paramedics and they all same the same just have to do your job...not to say there aren't things that are horrible to see etc., but that is why you are trained....I can't say this course is training me to feel totally confident, but it is amazing how even a small thing can help....for example.
Did you know that if someone has a sucking chest wound you can grab a plastic bag, stick it over the hole and tape it down on thee sides? That way, it creates a vacuum again in the chest cavity when the breathe in and the loose side lets any excess air escape when exhaling...
if someone's intestines are hanging out, don't shove them back in like they show in the war movies...just cover them up and make sure they don't go anywhere else...yep...(i can't help but hope and pray that none of my 7-12 year olds crash so hard that their intestines come out, but now I can deal)
someone can die within 20 seconds if certain arteries bleed out?
don't put direct pressure on an eye if it is injured, just around it and in fact, if you have dixie cup, cut out the bottom and place that over the eye to protect it.
if someone is impaled on a tree...don't take the branch out and try and bandage around the wound with plenty of gauze.
Always try to protect your self with the proper things like gloves, and eye protection....

here is the order of the day when something happens:
Check, Call, Care....

Turniquets are bad...don't use them
pressure, elevate, and then find the uphill on it.

oh yeah, as long as you have acted within your training and in good judgement, chances are good that if you get sued, they won't win...

well, those are just some of the things I learned...tonight I will be working on CPR and learning how to help someone who's ABC's are not functioning...i know you are curious about that one, so check back tomorrow for more free learning.

Love and Understanding!


Vintagedivva said...

ooooo, You just brought me back to my military training!!! It can be a bit overwhelming and make you a bit squeemish, but when you know your stuff and you can be there to assist in possibly saving someone's life, it's so worth it and what a gift that training becomes!!!
Go Justin, Go Justin, Go Justin!

and yes, Turniquets are bad!

PS--isn't that plastic bag maneuver incredible!!! Good luck in your CPR class!


Ms. Conley said...

Did you know that if at any point you start to feel faint, you should sit on the ground and put your head between your legs.....very brave stuff..hope you never have to actually do any of it, especially with those little souls....