Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Two Trains

Two trains collided in my sleep last night...big long black ones with miles of cars and graffiti streaking the sides of the deep metallic box cars behind the engines belching the loud chug a lug smoke and breathing some foreign engine fuel that gives them the appearance of strength unknown.  I don't know why they were heading to the same place in a constant motion of speed and purpose, or why they didn't realize they were on the same track, but at some point the crossings with the slow moving arms striped with white and blazing red lights, didn't say anything to them.  They just let the masters of the twin lines motor on and drive intensely forward, not slowing and not knowing.  Like a word problem gone horribly awry, one train going 80 mph and the other going 60 mph headlong in the night laden with things that man uses and wastes, what happens when they both arrive in the same station at the same time going the same speed on the same track?  The lead locomotive grinning a hockey toothless grin with no mouthpiece being driven by sheer madness and delight, the other with a determined grip on life not willing to back down, flying forward with all intentions of saving the world..eyes open and pulsating the wild wind of night's breathe....

the last moments of the two behemoths is too short to adjust and re think and bargain for another track or a slower speed or a different space in time.  the last moment is only filled with the silent terror of knowing that there is no way to stop and that the collision is imminent and the destruction will be great.  the black burly beasts of power and grace and mechanized metal hurtle at one another like two gladiators in it till the death and committed to the moment of contact.  The contact that starts the night with a momentary fusion of the big bang theory, and then we don't know what sound was made and when it happened.  We awake and wonder what it was all about, the driving sweat and fear and the feeling that we have to slow down and breathe and believe that we can drift away again knowing that we are still in the middle of our own deep covers, wondering what tomorrow will bring.

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