Monday, November 17, 2008


duty, originally uploaded by Justin Davis Davanzo. this is what it is...La Resistance. The last few days i have been feeling...well, i don't even really know..lazy, unmotivated, not willing to do anything...lost in a world of not knowing what i should be doing, and then it hit me...THIS is it, this is the part that we all talk about, the resistance of going onward and forward...I am not sure how it suddenly came on, but boy was it strong, and it still is, but literally when I laid out a grand plan of major creative endeavors I stopped dead in my tracks...the resistance movement was suddenly upon me. The kind where you question all the things you are doing and have done and want to do...but this time is different. This time i recognize it for what it is..not a confusion of lost will or creative stupor, no, a battle within that I will not lose. I suppose in my life this has happened many times and I just thought it was my way of knowing when I should move on and try other things and then i think of all the times I stopped trying because the resistance tricked ok well this time, i see it for what it is and realize that it is ok to have some down days and some thoughts, but the reality is, there is no way I can let the resistance bury my bold and courageous battle for creative might and victory...sure, it can try, but it will not win or draw me off into another world....Maybe that is why i like taking pictures of things like cones...little soldiers in an impossible landscape that seem to have their purpose down pat..."Caution"...oh...i get it, that cone wants me to pay attention to something near by so i don't do damage to myself or the things around it. Hmmm...maybe we need our own mental cones that get put out in our brain and tell us that we approaching a "resistance zone" up ahead and to slow down and pay attention so we don't crash into anything...kind of like the sign i see in the of my favorites..."Ice may exist" You know, they aren't sure, but there is a possibility that ice is around the corner and if you don't slow the road you will they put the sign there to remind you no matter what.. So, "Resistance May Exist" ...aha...good, i am glad someone pointed that out so I can be aware, take a moment, and make my way through it to the other side. I may even make a shirt...yeah..that is a good idea...."Resistance May Exist"

Time to get back on my horse and ride.

love and understanding


mom said...


Ride like the wind...


TitaBella said...

you are a warrior hero through and through... XOXOX

Vintagedivva said...

Holy Moly!
I blogged a little while ago and hadn't read your entry yet. I just read it and realized how similar our day's thoughts universe stuff eh???

Anonymous said...

resistance "may" exist AND cash is on it's way :)