Thursday, November 20, 2008

time flies

broken, originally uploaded by Justin Davis Davanzo.

I was thinking about how fast this year has it really is amazing how many things can change in a year. At this time last year I was still living in Santa Monica and staying in my dad' house with a storage POD full of my stuff, and only a plan to move to job, not sure of anything...when you really think about it and break it down to 365 days it sounds pretty many days there actually are in a year and what you did in those days to get to the next year. I was on a long ride yesterday alone marveling at the world around me, the beauty and the difference in my life that i live now...a silly one came to mind..I was riding north on a road that is similar to the Pacific Coast Highway, in that it is a main link from north to south here in Boulder, but instead of ending up in Malibu, it ends up in Lyons, a great little town, and instead of riding north with the ocean on my left, i have the Rocky Mountains on my left...just as majestic...on the right though, is a vast picture of open country, cows, farms, fields, trees with no leaves...that side is very different from the Santa Monica Mountains that would be on my right while riding north to Malibu. I found myself rejoicing and reminiscing at the same time. The amazing thing is that riding the bike is the huge common thread that I can relate my life to and in the end, it doesn't really matter where I am makes me happy. So a year ago, i might have been riding up the coast, but yesterday I was riding up the

of course there are bigger things to this wandering about incredible wife to be who is loving me and supporting me through all of my journey, my health, my job, my art...i think remembering that a year is packed with so many changes that it is almost silly to ever worry about what will be next is change, and if you believe your path is good and right, the journey will change with the seasons and give you all the things that you wished for.

love and understanding


Anonymous said...

your heart is delcious !!!!
i, among many, am thrilled to have you here :)

Nita June said...

Oh how I love you....!!!

Anonymous said...

may you always have the wind at your back and the rocky mountains to your left....


lu said...

I spent a good deal of my time in Jamestown and Boulder on a bike, or following the boys father on his. There is something in the effort and the breathing; the views are hard won and the decent the reward. (The one thing I was never able to overcome was the fear of cars.)

I like the line and I'm going to post it on my mirror-"...if you believe your path is good and right, the journey will change with the seasons..."

(oh, and I just bought your Triumph print--It's going to make the perfect Chrismas present for the boys to give to their father.)

beth said...

I'm loving this photo as my newest love is broken windows/glass...actually, I'm sure it was always there, but it's just recently surfaced and I'm having fun with it....

and your writing...well, you kept me reading, so that's a great thing !!!