Monday, November 3, 2008

Muse 9

matrix, originally uploaded by Justin Davis Davanzo.

I thought maybe my muse had slipped away...after a weekend of fantastic costumes and amazing food and long fall bike rides...It is amazing how we can all share a bit of each others life through these blog entries...from all over the world. I love the idea of someone sitting in a cafe in Florence sipping coffee reading this blog or writing in connects the dots and holds us all together. What a great way to give to each other.

Well, after my stint as Paul Bunyan, or the Mountain Gnome, as Nita loves to call me...(cute eh?) i have hung up the axe and gone back to my creative roots as a writer and photographer, although i did enjoy walking around with a very large beard and drinking from a straw. The thought that it is already November 3 and the time change has occurred is simply awe inspiring..time is flying by so quickly. Life has a way of doing that. We relished in maybe our last fall bike ride with warm weather yesterday, up into the mountains through the orange, yellow and red leaves and as often as possible, we made sure to ride through the leaves on the ground so we could smell and hear them crunch below. It will most likely snow here wednesday and with it bring a slower pace and a hibernation of winter, although we fully intend to ski as much as possible.

we discussed the idea of how life changes so quickly and for now we are going to embrace our time in it before little ones come along, which will be magic I am sure. As i see so many of my dear friends and family who have little ones embracing the rapid times of their new lives...they are amazing.

So as the day begins, and a new month brings us closer to the next year, I am feeling comfortable in this life and what it has in store....

Down the Hill:

a smile comes across my face
as i glide effortlessly
with conviction and focus.
a part of me is left behind
as i look ahead and see clearly, the road twists and
turns and bends with grace.
i take the shortest way
watching the white lines stretch
out in front of me as i
am flying, free with no one
to slow me down. i converge
on myself being a child with
no cares in the world.
i am free.
i am free.

Love and understanding

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