Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vote Muse

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the first time i voted was in 1992 while I was a student at the University of Oregon...it was a novel idea that I could vote for something. I really didn't have a care in the world and I voted for Ross Perot because i liked his ears...really...and also, because i believed that Bill Clinton would win no matter what so what did it matter? Not the best way to think of things I suppose.

Flash forward 16 years...jeez...but this time the world is a different place...and i have spent time really trying to grasp the outcome of decisions we as a country are about to make. I don't pretend to be a political know it all or someone who volunteers to work for the campaign, but I will say that at this point, I have been more aware of the world during this time and this election than ever before...i really believe that no matter what happens, we are right smack in the middle of a huge historical day...if either candidate wins, it not only will have a profound effect on the mood of our country, but the next 4 years will be one dictated by today's decision. I think either candidate will face very difficult times no matter what and it won't change on a dime either way, but we will look back at this election as a time when we, as a whole, made decisions that changed the outcome of the world...maybe for better or maybe for worse.

I don't inherently believe in politics, but i do believe in the human spirit and if there was ever a time that our spirit was being tested it is right now. If Obama is elected, (and I don't know if he will be the best person, nor do I believe McCain would be the worst), I think it will at least trigger a hope in us that we need...a hope to help us through some very difficult times...an example that we can actually do things differently, a charge to our psyche...if McCain is elected, I think we will have a hard time as it will feel like we can't change things and who cares anymore. Again, McCain may be better for some and Obama better for some, and I do not say this to walk the politically correct line of not making an argument for my candidate, but i simply feel that one does represent a path of new hope and beginning and one does not....at least for me.

I guess my simple analogy in my simple world would be...if i were a young student and year after year I had an old teacher who didn't inspire me much, and then i had a choice to be with a new young teacher with tons of ideas and energy and fun...i would want to be in that class. That is not to say old teachers aren't wise and amazing sometimes, but there are times when we need a new face, a new idea a new class...

so for today, November 4, 2008...for the first time ever i say...vote...because we truly need the practice....and who knows...we may be on the final turn as a country, so why not make it a good one.

Love and Understanding.


Vintagedivva said...

Boy you just hit that one right on the head Mr. Davanzo!!!!

I completely agree and I am on the same page! I voted today, because I was so AWARE of this particular election more than I ever have been before (by the way, I voted for Perot too!)
Everyday I think about the damage we've done as a world, (not just a nation). We are the only ones that can change it and make a difference. Its a whole different world today and it's so important not to turn a blind eye!

Luke said...

I just hope that unlike 1992 and 2000 and 2004 the party that loses takes their loss in a gentlemanly manner.

I'm so SICK of the lunatic jagoffs in the "Impeach Clinton" crowd and the disgusting, demented "Bush Lied/Moveon.org" crowd that I really can't express it.

I want a return to the concept of the "loyal opposition" instead of the treasonous "Not my President" attitude that has prevailed since at least 1980.

Hey, I can wish, can't I?