Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Today I am cooking...i am cleaning...i am in my Utopia
What I will cook is a surprise
I have begun my journey with Van Gogh.
I am only able to lift a fallen leaf
and grasp it with a soft touch
the brittleness complete and ready
to disintegrate...
to blow away in the wind
and leave things bare and brown and gray.
I smelled toast this morning on a road
while riding a bike in the cold air
wafting through me with a curiosity 
that brought me to this day..
a toast and Van Gogh day.
A day when I planned to conquer the world.

Love and Understanding.


lu said...

I love, love, love, your use of "toast" It is comfort and hope and It should be bottled and sold.

Just one thing, hold on to your ears, love.

The next time you ride up to Gold Hill, or Jamestown, look for Donna Gayle at "Patience Clearing." She built a bed and breakfast out of an old stage stop and other out buildings on her mountain property. You should meet her, she's mother earth.- As about her at the Merc. They’ll know her.

Nita June said...

you fill my soul.. you fill my tum... oh yum oh yum oh yum yum yum. I am the luckiest lady handsome. THANK YOU. oh what fun the years will bring!!!

Braeg Heneffe said...

I love and all the smells associated with it, but one of my favourite smells is that of fresh toast, you just reminded me :-)