Wednesday, December 3, 2008

1 year

and so it year to the day since I got in my truck, loaded with all my entire life's belongings in a trailer, said goodbye to Santa Monica, and half of my family, and set off with my best friend Gus to Boulder, Co....a year... it seems surreal really that 365 days have passed by and in those days so many things have transpired it is mind is snowing here today and grey and I am fighting probably the worst cold i have had in a while...I wouldn't say i feel melancholy or sad or anything like that, but there is a certain feeling of quietness within, a reflection of my life.  How is it that 1 year has passed already?  

I am proud to have jumped off a cliff and trusted the wings that would sprout.  I can't say it has been easy all the time and I can't say i haven't felt lonely at times or sad, but i can say that i am more alive now and in love and more content with my life than i have been in a long, long, long....time.  I don't really think leaving Santa Monica and coming to Boulder is why...i think, that like a cocoon, it just took me a long time in life to get get to a point of some feeling of contentment...some feeling of understanding and perspective.  I am not done with that, nor do i pretend to be content with the beginnings of that, but I am happy to feel my wings getting stronger and bigger....

I couldn't say this a year ago and mean it....
" hi, my name is Justin Davis Davanzo and I am a writer, a photographer, a strong man, an amazing husband to be, a loving son and brother, and a brave warrior...and the luckiest guy around."

one year...thank you for all of your love....

love and understanding.


Anonymous said...

you , my dear, are a treasure.

Nita June said...

Yes, a year has passed - and you have done so much! You should be proud of your self... you have so many many many gifts... I am the luckiest lady around, that's for sure... XOX

Anonymous said...

Well son, I couldn't be more happy for you, and all of those things you have found in your life. That gives me joy, that overcomes the loss of not having you near. You forgot to add that you are also your Dad's best friend.


Justin Davis Davanzo said...

wow..thanks dad..that means the world...and dad's best friend for sure..thank you you

Anonymous said...

My son, my 'temple treasure'...
You embody the high calling of "beginner's mind". I once wrote you:
"You were once
the child
steering your own
river boat

Peter and the Wolf
chased you
along the river's
deep imagination"...

I believe it was Meister Eckhart who said that we do not find the Divine by a process of addition, but by
a process of subtraction. Your courage to extract yourself from feeling a "life unlived' has been a sweet reminder, for us all, that venturing into the Great Unknown, reaps rewards we could never have imagined.

Anonymous said...

hey Justin!

so great to meet you and discover your blog-- congrats on such a powerful year and best wishes for continued creative joy ~