Tuesday, February 3, 2009


urban planning, originally uploaded by Justin Davis Davanzo.

so much planning to do...sometimes it seems that all we do in life is plan for things...plan plan plan...remember that saying though..."life is what happens when you are busy planning." Well, so there...a good thing to try and remember that no matter how hard we plan things will happen accordingly...a good lesson to remember when planning things like weddings, art shows, careers, your day....how important it is to remember that we can only do so much in the day and in our lives and the more we push and pull the harder it is and that idea of going with the flow is so important. Of course that doesn't mean not planning...it means putting things in motion and making the movement of an intention...sending ships out as one of my teachers used to say...you can't wait for your ship to come in when you haven't sent a ton out. If you send one ship out, chances are slim it will come back, but if you send 100 out, well, 50 might sink and 25 might sail to some other port, and 20 might get taken over by pirates, but 5 might make it back to you....with spices and things that are new and exciting and rewards unexpected.

So, each day I try and send a ship..sometimes it is a small boat, out to sea...and then I let it go and hope that i can track it and guess its voyage. Of course, this metaphor is not meant to create the illusion that all you do is send them out and wait...that is only the first step. Once they are gone, you need to keep building and designing better ships, and finding the crew and material to do so, and stocking them and making them sea worthy...a constant process i suppose.

Now, i am not a sailor and as a matter of fact i will throw up simply by stepping foot on a boat...not really, but almost...so this whole idea is even a bit more scary than i like to imagine. Why does it have to be ships? Couldn't it be a car? Or a motorcycle? or a space ship? no.

The ocean is life...unkown and deep and treacherous and ever changing...well, a little less these days with GPS, but you get my drift...no pun intended. That is life...When they sent the early explorers they didn't know if they would just fall off the end of the earth...they didn't...what a concept.

so, if you'll excuse me..i am going to finish swabbing the decks of the next ship that is set to leave today...i hope i see yours on the journey.

love and understanding.


Anonymous said...

simply beautiful.
thank you

Anonymous said...

Sail on, sailor.


Lisa said...

Fabulous, fabulous photo...

Vintagedivva said...

My ships are a sailin and you better
watch the harbor cause I'm coming in with a load of Meatballs! LOL

Oh, I am just pulling your chain! That was great! I really love your analogies and your sense of humor!
When is the big day!!??