Saturday, April 18, 2009

a few things

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this is going to serve as a reality check for bare with me.

I got sick almost 2 weeks ago and I am still not feeling 100%...went to the doctor yesterday and he says "well, it is a virus and you must be is nothing other than that so just give it time..." now if any of you know me, which a few do, being sick is not my favorite thing to say the least. I am not saying it is anyone's favorite thing, i am just saying that for me, i go a little cuckoo for coco puffs when sick. i start feeling really frustrated and say things like "why bother ever trying to be healthy if i am just going to get sick?" or...."When I feel better I am going to be president of the united states and really appreciate my health"...not really, but you know what i getting sick serves as that small reminder to slow down, take it easy, practice patience, take time to think, and not worry too much about the every day things...just get better and be good to yourself.

so here i go...a small pep talk for sicko.

I successfully completed my first solo photo show.
I just finished writing my first book.
I am getting married to the most amazing woman on earth and quite possibly the 32nd Nebula Star Galaxy.
I have a job.
I am healthy and active and strong.
I have a camera
I got hired to take pictures for a restaurant.
I have amazing friends and incredible family.
my sister got engaged!
I just sold another piece.
I went food shopping yesterday.
I have a roof.
I get to ride a motorcycle.
I get to ride a bike.
I have two legs and two arms.
I have tons of people around me who love and support me.
I get to ski
I am getting married in Kauai.
I can type really really fast.
I speak Spanish
I make people laugh.
I was Romeo once.
I slept on a train next to a bathroom for 8 hours in Italy once
I was an extra in Austin Powers
I have travelled over 50,000 miles on a motorcycle in my life.
I am a writer. stop getting up in the morning and feeling sorry for myself and get to being healthy again. At least is is a rainy day out so i feel good about hunkering down and just being....

have a fantastic weekend.

love and understanding


Luke said...

Hey Bud! You'll have to fill me in on your show! You and I must be leading parallel lives...been sick...hate it...making the mental effort to get out of the funk...

Can't wait to see you in July!


junibucher said...

I love what you said about your wife to be...sucha romantic, Justarino. I hope someday someone feels that way about me. :)
So happy for you and all you've accomplished. Keep living it up, my brother. hearts and flowers, Juni

TitaBella said...

you still ARE Romeo... but in the version where everything turned out perfectly and petunia happy..
Oh I love you... swoon!