Monday, April 13, 2009

the light

la sunset, originally uploaded by Justin Davis Davanzo.


the small child within
is afraid.
This is for certain.
Look in her eyes and go deep
through the soft love
and see the terror.
See the fright
See the soul in a dark night.
But know this;
That soul looks out and sees
She sees light
because you are fearless
and fearsome
and brave
and stark white.
Your armor
is dazzling
and crafted
and distinguished in its stance.
Yet it is bruised
and dented
and creaks at times,
for it has withstood
many blows
and many falls
and many battles.
many battles.
The sun is shining
and the hawks cry out in the crisp morning air.
The hill top is high
and your eyes are sharp.
You are a warrior
you are a warrior of the light.
Be prepared,
for this fight is bloody and long,
and full of terror
and full of fright
and full of fear.
Not unlike the young child you are protecting.
Fight with the fierceness of your love

Love and Understanding.


Vintagedivva said...

Did you write this Justin?
It is incredible!

Justin Davis Davanzo said...

i did...thanks meatball.

Ms. Conley said...

this is stunning and powerful....this speaks volume..bravo